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After the new bonus-malus system has been introduced for a perfect 7-year drive, the driver can up to 25% less than a Third Party Delegation insurance. Uninterrupted year which means a compulsory policy of 10% cheaper, published by the Financial Management Commission (FSC).

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The hard signal can be cleared by special drive, with a car class to & # 39; drop one point per year without disturbance. Or in other words – they need them

At least 12 years to spend the 400%

or 19 years to pay the lowest price. There is also an option that the Malus is cleaned for a special interest.

Disposals such as inappropriate parking, driving in a bus or headless line will not be included and will be included. resulting in an increase in the cost of the insurance. However, the points will be taken to uncheck gutting, a dangerous move, not to # 39; Looking at distance, Driving with Drink, Deadly Accidents, and death on the road. Introductory calculations will return to 9 clearer crimes each year; Providing more expensive Civil Occupation up to up to 400%. according to

enumerated the regulator

78% of car owners (more than 2 million cars) pay cheaper policy as they are in bonus classes in the new system. The highest bonus and a 25% lower payment, or about 225 leva (at current prices) will receive 44% or 1 million people. The government expects to have around 18% of drivers in the & # 39; Higher class and pay more. In particular, it is expected that around 18,000 people will pay a maximum cost of 1200 leva.

The regulator also gave concrete examples. Increasing "Civil Liability", for example, at a higher speed will be 10% a & n; means insurance. If this error is in a settlement and greatly exceeds the permitted distance, it can up to 30 per cent. The Biggest Penalty –

Over 400%, due to heavy accidents

death. Amongst the most debated texts include the proposal, if there is a Car Insurance obligation of a Three-party Car Party, when it is selling the machine, the new owner will keep his / her; pay a price, even though it is a hard drive. The committee explained that there are still different options on the debate, but it is not possible; expect them to leave them only to strengthen the texts and to be able to zero, but this must happen in a way that prevents moving their car to someone close or relative and you can continue to Driving again, he explained Vladimir Savov, a member of FSC.

It is unclear what will happen to the harassment for that

no penal orders have come to an end

or appeal. Sometimes this process can expand to two monthly years, although there is no growing in the same way that will affect the cost of the insurance for the future. In addition, many people are unaware that they are allowed, and they only understand when the traffic police are stopping. To date, the Traffic Police fees also have a limited statute.

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