"2018 Dance": Natalie Weber spoke about the way Mauro Zarate after the Superfinal failed


At the time I received a secret vote Laurita Fernández in a hut, Marcelo Tinelli took advantage of attendance Natalie Weber to ask him about his man Mauro Zarate and how he was three days away from the last suspicious controversial Superfinal.

"Indeed, I did not know what was happening because I did not watch the television, so I got lots of messages from family and friends. I was scared because Mauro did not get my messengers, so I could finally respond to me. It was inserted but it did not hurt with glasses, "he clarified. It may have been a grief. At home when he came to night he still Delete and remove it. His family was worried. "

"How is it in the enjoyment? Do you feel like playing the ready?" The driver asked him. "I do not know if she lost her desire to play her final because we did not talk to those terms, I think there is a lot of violence in football and the beautiful part was already killed. Whatever happens or does the Conmebol decide, the beautiful is already lost "Natalie added.

Then they knew their secret ballot, so worthy of "10", they went among the best nine games for a dance contest and in this way they will be able to do so. participating in folklore, the next rhythm 2018 Dance

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