2018 Game Awards Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is presented


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is no longer a host of dreams for fans. Diablo-like superhero license after the opening of the first two games at the 2018 Game Awards.

The listeners were shown on a full-step scratch that revealed details of the story, new characters and some games of early play from the name ahead of its 2019 slate distribution.

Avengers: War Infinity in the real estate are very successful, it is not surprising that the new game of Marvel Ultimate Alliance will bring its issues from that. The subtitles of the Black Order describe their & # 39; A group of warriors who hate poor Thanos, with members of the group – and at his The end of Thanos itself – appears through the promo as they go; hunting of the Infinity Gems powerful.

Ultron's robotic weakness will also appear, with Infinity Gem available. In an amazing move, MUA 3 or Switch exclusive, makes it a big deal for the Nintendo consignee

Thanos includes the Gauntlet Infinity

New characters also accept their & # 39; license, with Galaxy Protectors to add to & # 39; timetable. Gamora, Racoon Rocket, Drax, Groot and Lord Star are seen in the search during cutscenes and also during battles. Falcon also looks at being among the fields, and appeared in a group that was killed at the end along with such as American Captains, Nick Fury and Witch Scarlet.

The Galaxy Conservatives participate in the roster

From the clips that show play, it seems like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: usually the black order as subtitles as it was; but in particular a square square camera is similar to many other third fire brigades.

The same green breakdown is in one section that shows the Hulk in operation where it appears that the most recent Stark Tower appears to be a revised version of the 2 games, which would be a good link for long-term running of the series.

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