2018 Outlook Auditor about Morocco and Africa: Maroc Telecom aims to achieve its goals – Moroco & African Observer


Maroc Telecom's record increased by 6.5% in its customer base, which is now 61 million users, the operator commented on Monday, 18 February 2019.

Producing its certified results, Maroc Telecom has published its performances for the 2018 year, exceed the aims set. To know:

  • A steady growth of 3.1% in related sales
  • Moving income in Morocco rises by 4.7%
  • EBITDA level reached 49.6%, representing EBITDA growth of 4.1%
  • Increase of 5.3% in net revenue group share

Maroc Telecom's Record also proposed a distribution of 6.83 assumptions of each department, up 5.4% from 2017 and representing a 4.5% product.

When this press release was published, Abdeslam Ahizoune, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: " In an environment marked with major changes and intense competitive environment, the Maroc Telecom group recorded a steady increase in its key performance indicators. So, in the home market and its sub-groups, data-led growth is, reinforce the relevance of its Organization's investment strategy. Continuous control of costs allows to & # 39; The Agency has posted an important increase in its profits, despite the new taxes introduced in certain countries of attendance. In 2019, digital format and innovation will increase our strategic priorities. "

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