2018 The World Cup is a member of the ballot ballot of the first and most powerful strength of the Zhejiang handball balloon still recognized by fans – Sport – People's Network


  1. 2018 The first universal cup of women's voter ball The strength of Zhejiang voter balloon fans is still recognized by fans – Network People's Network
  2. World Cup blew cold water on the domestic female ballot balloon status, Zhu Ting's real ability to convert the tide? China
  3. Zhu Ting 23 shows, brutal fashions, Wakif Bank 2 win after each other, 1 ahead of the finals, the Shanghai line
  4. Works to see your fans so hard to see Zhu Ting in a fort
  5. The Zhu Ting World Cup is a "home" handle, and the game is very practical. Sina.com
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