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Original title: 2018 The Xinyu Fairy Lake International Marathon came to an end successfully!

The Xinyu 2018 International Shrine Marathon officially opened in Xinyu City on November 25th. This year is the fourth year of Lake Marathon Fairy. This year's event has a full marathon, half marathon, mini-marathon and 10km walk-up, attracts nearly 10,000 people from 16 countries, including China, Kenya and the United States. Friends will participate.

After a wild 2 hour attack, 31 minutes and 18 seconds, the GICHOVI SILAS MUTURI player went to the top of the horse and won the men's team competition. Then Kenyan ONKOBA JAMES ONGUTI and Chinese player Huang Dongsheng took 2 hours 47 minutes. The soloists, 2 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 15 seconds won the second prize and second. Kenya player, EDINAH JEROTICH KWAMBAI, won the women's team 2 hours, 58 minutes and 01 seconds. Players of China Guo Zhen and Chen Jinyan won the women's team in 3 hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds, 3 hours, 23 minutes and 09 seconds. Second place and second place.

The horseback competition is also very wild. Kenya player GITAU PETER KIAMBI, Chinese player Yuan Hong, and Kenya MWANGI JAMES KARIUKI made the second half of the results in 1 hour 09 minutes 54 seconds, 1 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds, 1 hour 13 minutes 51 seconds. The male team is the third one. The top three women in the horse team were taken over by Chinese players. Luo Ying, Yi Lingyun and Yan Aixiang won the third place in the play with 1 hour 27 minutes 52 seconds, 1 hour 29 minutes 22 seconds and 1 hour 31 minutes 12 seconds.

The Xinyu Fairy International Marathon has been based on love since its inception. The event has a couple marathon. On the basis of the original medals, two special bases will be given until the marathon is evidence of love. In 2018, the fourth year of the Xinyu Fairy Lake International Magnet, this event is the first one that is in the world. combine love with films, Love (Loyalty) = Faith (Loyalty) + Observer (one business) + Valiant (Devout) + Enjoyment (Joy), and On the way, 5.20km, 7.7km, 13.14km, 33.44km, etc. A special design wall is set up to encourage "love" by choosing the movies that are going on. explains these four words, and to lower Lake Fairy's love theme.

The Fairy Lake Marathon was successfully held for four sessions, taking advantage of the special landscape of Huanhu Road in the Loch Seychelles District, and Creating a health and sporting sport logo with vitality and joy, developing the awareness and impact of the brand of Loch Seallaidh Fairy and its location; Establishing The model of integrating "sport + tourism" in Xinyu City. It also helps people to choose a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of life, while at the same time provide more growth opportunities for the development of sport and tourism business in Xinyu City.

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