The Crosswatches of the Overseas Chorea 2019 Rm 1 Tournaments will be officially opened on Thursday, 31 January 2009, as part of the Overwatch team team Blizzard Entertainment.

The OVERWATCH CONTENTS STRATEGY is the main competition that needs to go through to be the best overwatch event. Overwatch Open Division, which is a problem for professional brothers, and Overwatch Contenders, (Overwatch conclusions).

There are eight year-old teams playing in a universe festival, and # 39; including the top six teams in the Overtouch Season 3 Korea Co-ordinators and the highest teams in 2019 Over Watch Open 1, The Vice-The team competes in 28 matches with 7 matches each team and they Competition in the top two teams to progress to 2019 OVERWATCH CONTENTS Season 1 Korea.

The competition, which starts on 31 January (Thursday), will be held for two days from 2pm, 7 days, to Sunday, 10 February.

For the first time in series 3 of Contenders Korea, the team went into the playoffs. Although he did not pass a doorstep to Fourth lecture, WGS Armament, demonstrated the performance as well as the fans, Griffin (formerly Guandu Panthea), which showed the strong team side in the second round of Contesters Korea 2018, was released. As well as that, Talon Esports, who has received seed rights from Blossom, O2 Team, and Meta Athena, who are preparing to go back to the previous season, Meta Athena) also fought for the 2019 Co-ordinators season only.

The main opponent is the BM Hawk and his White Whale, who have both gone through the open department. The winner of the department is open, BM Hawk has opted for X6-Gaming, a strong show, and White Weil, who has changed his name in the previous Foxes, It's very capable of not going to # 39; Putting one opponent's set up to date, and a team that intends to go into the fight. On the other hand, the 2019 Over Watch Open section 1 ran a giant between Saturday, December 15, 2018 and Sunday, 27 January 2019, with over 1,000 teams participating.

2019 STRATEGY STRATEGY Season 1 is to be broadcast live through the eSports Official Twist channel for Witchcaster and Hong Hyun Sung's live news release.

More information on the timetable, specific team tours, and collections for the Season 1 over-the-counter content stadium will be updated regularly via official Facebook.

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