2019 Maruti Eeco gets new safety features


From the beginning of this year, Maruti has been busy renewing their existing range of cars. They have been adding to the safety features such as airbags and ABS, as it will not be necessary in the Indies to provide those safety features in cars. In addition, cars will not be sold. As a result, Maruti have started to modernize their cars. The unexpired cars will be canceled – such as Gypsy, Alto, Omni, etc. Alto will bring a new name.

After the Baleno and Ignis are restored, Maruti has now restored Eeco features with safety features. In addition to complying with the NCAP Bharat disaster tests coming in by October 2019, the Eeco was also re-engineered and will also receive a side effects bar and obstacle zones to conduct face-to-face tests, face testing and collisions. victory.

2019 Maruti Suzuki Eeco receives common safety features such as air driver, a speed warning system that removes your blow at 80 kmph, a sense of back parking and ABS as a normal mechanism. These features have resulted in new prices for Eeco, which are currently priced between Rs.3.37 lakhs – Rs. 6.33 lakhs.

Prices range from Rs.400 to Rs.23,000 depending on the change. As well as upgrading safety features, Maruti Eeco cannot feature any features or renewals. The same engine has still been powered, and is consistent in the same differences.

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Maruti Eeco, which is offered in 5 and 7 seat options, is driven by a 1.2 liter BS VI compatible engine that offers 73 power power at 6,000 rpm and a 101 Nm torch at 3,000 rpm. He also receives a device called CNG equipment. Maruti also sells the Eeco as a Tour V with features as a fast governor and is designed specifically for serving naval and vehicle workers.

As seen in the top photograph, Eeco and Omni are of great importance to Maruti. Together they create around 15k units in retail for the company each month. As the Omni stops, Maruti expects to make Eeco more demand. As it turned out, the Eeco also ceased to exist in Global NCAP. But at that time he had no airbags at all. Maruti Eeco was not tested by airbags.

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