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(Media News Service 20181122 13:31:16) "The" International Security State International Conference (ICSSC) "is the largest, most authoritative and international international conference on state trips. named as an "Olympic Conference" in a tidy design area. Name of beauty The 2019 Annual General Meeting will take place in San Francisco, USA from February 17 to 21, 2019 for five days. All selected in Taiwanese academic community.

2019 The College College has 8 full research results from Taiwan's academic tournaments. This year, Jiaoda Motor has 3 articles again. Compared to the University of Tsinghua, two successful universities and 1 Yuanzhi, Jiaoda Motor continues to stand in the first place in the country. Since 2014, Jiaoda Motor has received 12 full papers in the range of international slate designs for the sixth year afterwards. It is a starting point for every university in China. The most worthwhile is to mention that all 12 papers in the last six years have come from the research team of Professor Chen Kehong from the Jiaotong University Electricity Department, and once again he showed the research and improvement development that was outstanding.

The key to promoting technological civilization comes from the electricity strategy. Today's people are increasingly dependent on the internet, and the consumption of electricity has also grown. How to increase the performance of the cost of one of the key issues in the field of energy technology. Among the three papers chosen by Jiaoda Motor this year, its first paper can be used to speed the speed speed QC4.0; at present which could be cut to 30% of 30-minute mobile phone power. The carger that is & # 39; Suggested in the paper accelerated to 18 minutes. The same amount of electricity and speed can be achieved by 40%. The paper uses battery heater and battery features to produce vibrant management of the & # 39; Current rate of 99.6% in detail and to improve battery life cycle.

With the wave of AI, self-behavior is not seen as an incapable dreamer now, and LiDAR is a real driver for self-driving cars. The second paper made a major development of the LiDAR system on the smart system of self-behavior and has put forward the ability to identify obstacles. A mobile driver company has designed a digital GaA page to ensure that a continuous 28A constraint can be created; and decrease the width of a whistle to 0.9s, which improves the shortest speed and its configuration; greatly enhances the ability to identify LiDAR systems at an accelerated pace.

The 5G time is coming, electronic power is more energy efficient and is no longer a dream to support wireless collision booths, mobile phones and laptops at the same time! Due to the fact that the third paper has made a major improvement in the highest efficiency and power of the fire rupture system, it supports many sets of fast electronic devices; in 3.5A or more, which significantly reduced the tax period by 60%. The new technology related to a reduction reduces the number of additional components and additional components; make the tax system without wire more lightweight and worse.

The "Miscellaneous-Signal and Power IC Lab" is held by Professor Chen Kehong from Jiaoda Motor at the International Serbian International Company (ISSCC) for six consecutive years (2014 ~ 2019). Important papers were published and delivered at the Solid State International Conference (ISSCC) in 2015 and 2018 to show Jiaoda Motors' research energy internationally.

Jiaoda Motors is the first choice for Jiaotong University. Over 50 years of deep cultivation has contributed to the development of Taiwan motor information industry. Under the business movement of the 21st century, the Department has developed traditional technology with new generation technology, and designed the ten large areas of major motor and intelligent referees to achieve the educational objective of cultivating information professionals about around her business and her & her; strengthening the motor industry. Competitive strength. Jiaoda Motor official website: http://www.dece.nctu.edu.tw/main.php.

Source: Department of Electric Engineering, National University of Chiao Tung

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