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2019 Passport Honda Makes World Debut: Adventure-Ready innovative 5-passenger SUV at an Exhibition at 2018 Auto Show

  • Passenger offers a unique combination of high-speed air-and-road priority and freight trailers
  • There is a 280-horsepower V6 and an advanced all-wheel drive system that offers cross-passenger capabilities and side-of-side packs
  • General Honda Sensing® safety and driver support technology every quarter
  • Multi-accessory options for personalization of personal passport ownership

AN ANGELES, November 27, 2018 – The powerful V6 Passenger 5 Passenger H6 Passenger H6 Passenger 2019 is nowadays. Starting early next year, Pas-seachad is a # 39; offers a unique mix of road traffic modes and roadside tourism capabilities along with the best classroom interior.

The Honda Passport platforms will run between the hard CR-V and a three-row pilot in the Honda-winning SUV line. Unprofitable framework of instrumental consolidation, powerful power only i-VTEC® V6 engine, completely independent barrier and independent management makes it a great option to drive a long or long distance drive; town. In addition, there is a strong railroad capacity that offers a Honda i-VTM4 ™ torque-vectoring Honda and an in-access access four-way system. means Passport is capable of responding to the type of hard drive that is usually preserved for its & # 39; SUVs air-frame or online.

"The 2019 All-Nova Honda Passport provides the exciting road-to-road partnership and handy-handed customers to value their daily travel with their & # 39; strong long-distance abilities and all the weather that takes place for a week-long weekend carriage, "said Henio Arcangeli, Jr., Deputy Chief of the Super American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and a general manager, Honda Department. "We've seen the opportunity to deliver something that Honda has been able to do and the new Passport is in a good position to take consumers to find Honda SUV more personal, powerful and capable."

Designed and developed by Honda American R & D teams in Torrance, California, and Raymond, Ohio, their passport and V6 engine will be made at the Lincoln, Alabama, the company

Amongst the most important outcomes are:

  • A 280-horse general engine, 3.5-liter, V6 engineer is just converted i-VTEC® Valvetrain is converted to an up-to-date 9-fast generation automated transmission
  • Relevant, interesting (i-VTM4 ™) driving drivers that are available are available to & # 39; contributing to on-and-road performance
  • An attractive and attractive management system with the Snow, Sand and Mud procedures available to help improve the best for different surface settings
  • General Honda Sensing® safety and driving support technology
  • Standard wheels 20 inches and tires per trim
  • Floor of unavailable goods and storage of best underground goods
  • A wide range of Honda devices for active lifestyles, including Adventure and Urban offer packages

Design and standing outside rough Honda Passport 2019 is characterized by normal 20-inch wheels, black-haired grid, arched layers, invasive wheel bowls, elevation enhancement and tailgate design the breadth.

In-house, passport offers a best passenger place (115.9 cu.-ft.) and a full amount (157.1 cu.-ft.) for family behavior, friends and weekend sports match. A passenger passport is easy to carry easily accessible freight and a shared sub-ground goods department (for the best class of 2.5 cu. Class) For conducting behavior or dirty behavior a & # 39; keeping valuable things out of sight.

Passport will be offered in four points: the well-suited Sport, developed
EX-L, High Tech Circuits, and the Elite fully equipped. All modules can only be used by the Elite handlebars arranged by a 2-wheel drive or a wheel-wheel – all of the granite units will be & # 39 ; Normally matched by wheel drive. Wheels and tires are 20 inches, the Honda Sensing, every quarter® A series of advanced safety technology and driver support, LED light, fog lights, destinations and DRLs, Smart Smart and Smart Entry and three-zone automated climate control. There is an EX-L and a higher trims that use the latest Honda Sound Display Interface with a 8-inch touchscreen, corporate punch and Apple CarPlay® and integrate Android Auto ™.

There will be external upgrades, according to their default, and & # 39; including a power-powered power force with handsfree, one-touch touch / slide moonleof and automatic heat heating and pipe side screen. In addition, the information system has a blind spot, back-track survey, and face-to-face awareness sensors on driver support technologies. The main features available include sunshades in the second row, wireless phone fee, Honda Satellite-Linked, 4G LTE system in Wi-Fi drive[ii], premium audio, and HondaLink® cloud-based services, including remote solutions, concierge services, stealing wheel management and more.

Privacy policy

Each 2019 Honda Passport game is run by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that carries 280 high power power and 262 lb.-ft. torque (SAE net), which allows passport in the top of a & # 39; class for a standardized horse in a section where some of the competitors offer more powerful 4-cylinder devices as a general device. The Honda i-VTEC® V6 is evaluated for the latest generation of 9-speed Honda auto-fast delivery (9AT) which is among the most advanced in the class, offering a smooth and responsible power supply.

At the heart of its long-term long-term abilities and off-road driving, an in-VTM4 ™ all-wheel drive system is available to Honda. Unlike most of the systems that are in place; Competition, i-VTM4 ™ uses a torque inquiry tool to put up to 70 per cent of engine torque to the rear and 100 percent of that growth to left or right wheels. This ability offers a very good Passport handling in all situations, such as snow or snow roads or sandy trails, and also Contributing to a more responsive performance by overcoming the & # 39; outer wheel. In addition, the general Traction Intelligent (ITM) Guidelines are both on both wheelchairs and all-wheel drive passengers. In the wheel drive applications, the four-way ITM systems work with i-VTM4 ™, and allow drivers to use softwares to use different weather and land, including sand, snow and mud. In front-wheel drive models, the system has two modes for normal and snow.

Determined in the world's hardest habitats, including Dubai sand, Russian rural roads, and snowpaths in Minnesota, the combination of i-VTM4 ™ and the Direction of drawing interesting to Make a more efficient package on the road rather than lots of SUVs without connecting confidence to getting involved in wet or wet problems, but a variety of hard road formats.

Traveling is well equipped for throwing, with 3,500-pound capacity on front-wheel drive modules and 5,000 pounds on all-wheel drive modules when both are equipped with a & # 39 ; optional drag pack. Passenger passengers in the gate to tourism can be able to pull camping, boats, or loved ones "toy" over rougher ground. The multi-visual multi-camera camera connecting to the site is easier than ever with the "above" option that gave the bird's look a bird look at the hitch and trailer.

Exterior Design and Platform

There is no doubt the Honda's rough supply truck, who is looking for a travel permit image on his mission; searching for tourism, and is characterized by high-riding height, standard 20-inch wheels, 245 / 50R-wide and 24-inch and 24-inch-style tires and fun style, grille and bumper, black and black spinning. LED, dark-haired LED, LED cranes, "wet" cranes, and crome exhaust appear at the sophistication of Passport around it; town. Spinning wheel design is extremely spacious on the line, and Tours and Elite displays offer 265 / 45R20 enhanced tires as a standard device.

Beyond a good view, its design of passport is & # 39; also offers a good task. Land permits are 0.8 inches on front wheel drive modules and 1.1 inches on wheelchair modes compared to three-way Pairc brothers, Pilot, long and shorter and lower shorter to Offer a better, left-winged and broken way, suitable for more rough ground.

Passwords and passwords have their passwords; adds to the athletics and sporting stand and its & Supporting the handling of a close proximity to their home and more road offs. A rough face facing the road with a & # 39; A screening matte grid suitable for the purpose of designing off-road adornments.

Passport is based on the Honda's Global Light Truck platform and is a major part of its structure with the three-series SUV and Ridgeline pickup, and # 39; including to build its & # 39; most intense. There is still a strong box floor at this platform that is still strong with independent four-wheel hanging, with Mac a Mac a 'Phearsain. fight for opposition and multilink independent. The latest generation of Honda's Compatibility Engineering ™ (ACE ™) high-body structure, provides incredible accident protection and a larger and smaller vehicle distribution agreement.

Interior design and packing

The interior and excellent design of the passport is to # 39; offers a space for five people and provides a range of passengers 115.9 cu.-ft and a total number of within 157.1 cu.- From Sport to Elite trims, a folder includes posts within high quality, and # 39; including attractive and sustained sports or leather clothing exported to EX-L, Tourist and Elite walks, black circle, and generous use of a soft landowner on the dash and the rear doors.

Within a passport also a & # 39; offer a pre-class facility. Behind the second row of seats is a very generous freight area for weekend trips or walks to a home development store, 41.2 cu. ft. of space, which can be extended to 77.9 cu. ft. with the second row being rolled, which is more than a mountain bike than a week's hunting game. From the cargo area, the second row seats replies with a button button, and a main floor is a Passenger circuit is spaced between easy to clean and easy to clean hard plates. Passenger features underground underground storage, with 2.5 cu. ft. of easy-to-reach resources, accessible by removable shutter bins, and including a standard bin for a & # 39; store a available housing training device receiver.

There is plenty space for small things. Passenger offers a very good storage space for face-to-face passengers, and including a big console blow between the front seats with a continuous cover which is a train when it closed. Additional storage is available in the doors and ahead of the botanical gear selector.


Packed with new resources such as an audio system and connection with Apple CarPlay® and integrating Android Auto ™ and a digital drive meter, Pas-seachad will deliver all new technologies that are currently looking for SUV customers' demand.

Sports passport is normally normal with a 215-watt audio system with a 5-inch display and 6 speakers, and a subwoofer. A 8-inch Honda Audio Display system with EX-L, Passing and Elite packs with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto ™ smartphone wireless integration and power / power power. The Sound Showing system uses motions that are common to smartphones and schedules, such as being used. gutting, taping and & # 39; pinging, to control audio and vehicle systems, display options and other advanced features. It's amazing and easy to use, with a simple menu structure, it also offers a ready-to-use shortcut for common features and application centers that are registered. Traveling and Elite travel permits come with a 590-watt audio-visual audio system.

A 7-inch Thin Transistor Film Thin (TFT) passport instrument with a wide range of information content. As well as performing typical motor activities such as vehicle speed and RPM, the full-color digital meter is equipped with; including an Interactive Display (MID) feature with normal features, such as audio system information, detailed touring computer, telephone information, passing track of Passport modules for sale. Drivers who travel on the new TFT will be able to; using a steering wheel control that was designed to work amazingly, for example tooth-blue® a phone that is easier to identify by notice.

Travel journals and pack firearms provide Wi-Fi TCU 4G LTE in a & # 39; vehicle that supports up to seven tools and a daily AT & T 90-day / 3GB test data plan. The TCU is essential for Passport support from many HondaLink® cloud based services. By using an app, owners can keep track of maintenance and even bookings, remember the site; passport, and start on distance on the # 39; passport, and many other activities.

Safety and Technology Driving Support

The Honda Sensing® There are a series of advanced safety technologies and general driver support on all 2019 travel passes. Honda Sensing® help you to increase awareness of driving problems around the & # 39; carriage, in some cases it helps drivers to go to; keep track of the path and, under certain terms can either be stopped or even stopped; carriage if it proves a bad disaster. Honda Sensing® including the Tuby ™ Reduction System (CMBS ™) by Warning Collison Warning (FCW), Road Raid Lift (RDM) and & # 39; including Warning Departure Warning (LDW), Lonely Assistance System (LKAS) and Adaptive Travel Control (ACC). The new folder was designed to provide a high level of active and advanced safety and SCQ 5-Star safety levels for Car Scale and IIHS SAFE SAFETY level. All Honda Honda vehicles that are confirmed in 2019 are achieving safety safety SCAP 5 Star Safety stars.

All passenger waste disposals are equipped with a multi-rectangular camcorder looking above an "bird scene", suitable for bottle gutters. Additional driver support technologies include dynamic guidance for rearview camera, blind space information system (EX-L, Touring and Elite) for tracing behind traffic, and face and back parking sensors ( Tourism and Emigration).


A wide range of Honda Genuine Accessories is designed for travel permits, including different sizes of top sizes, top-sized baskets, and top bikes, kayaks and ski rails or snowboarding. Inside, passenger passengers can protect their goods area with hard plated cover for the floor, sides, and seating contracts. Subsoil storage can be shared with separate bins, which can be removed and used.

For those who are looking for a more advanced urban vision, there are a variety of fragile outside objects, such as colorful graphic packaging, lightweight submersion, and light door rods. From the outset, passport is available with two support packages. The Historical Package will run running boards, hitch rushes, top bins and more to get out on the weekend. The Urban Packages will be compiled and & # 39; look back with headed spoilers, 20-inch distinct wheels, freight storage bins and roof railings and cross crosses for a spectacular view in the town.

2019 Honda Pas-seachad: Great Designations

Privacy policy

Type of Engine




Horsepower (SAE Net)

280 @ 6,000 rpm

Torque (SAE Net)

262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm

Fuel Induction



9-fast automatic (9AT)

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(AWD Modules)

Essential Amended ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ * ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™



MacPherson strut

Sweeping behind

Multiple connection


Raic-and-pinion with power (EPS)


Alloy 20-inch

All-Season Teres

245 / 50R 102H (Sport, EX-L);
265 / 50R 102H (Tours, Elk)

Capacity Capacity, 2WD (AWD)

3,500 lbs (5,000 pbs) with jogging


Terms of Use

111.0 in.


190.5 inwards.


71.6 in.



Step to back / back, 2WD (AWD)

67.0 / 67.0 there. (66.7 / 66.7 in.)

Earth Solution, 2WD (AWD)

7.8 inwards (8.4 in).

Induction Ring / Ceramic, Cement, 2WD (AWD) Position

20.6 / 26.8 (21.4 / 27.6)


Volume Charge (Back row second row)

41.2 cu.-

Volume Charge (Back 1 row)

100.7 cu.-

Book of Travelers

115.9 (114.9 w / sunroof)

2019 Honda Pas-seachad: Key features


20-inch Allied Wheels

245 / 50R20 Tiree

Honda Sensing®

Transmission Automatic 9-Speed

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Headlight – LED Project

Map Unlock (Open)

BBC Guide

LED Taillights

Start Smart

Smart Access

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8-Way Power Driver Location

Lumbar Power Driver Support

Three-zone Moving Climate Control

215-watt 6-Speaker Sound System

2 USB ports

Cloth Seats

Terms of Use

You can change your settings at any time

Black Brooch Black Badge

Black Knitting Curly Ring

Shadow outside body color

There is EX-L (2WD / AWD) and send or not; to replace Sport

Seat with leather slabs

One-touch Power Heat and Sliding Slide

Map Unlock (Open)

Blinda Spot Information

Trans-traffic warning

Heat Face Features

4-way Power Passenger Seat

Icon for Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror

Driver's Seat and Door Mirror Memory

Audio Show

CarPlay® and Android Auto ™ integration

Wheelchair with leather

Sun 2nd Row series

Radio XM Satellite


Up / Down Power Tools

Heat outside the mirror

3 USB ports

HD Radio

Heavy rain

3-way backup games with dynamic management

Garnish Skin-Black Skid, Grill, Garnish Sash Door, Tailgate Garnish

Spoiler Color Tailgate Spoiler

Colored outside the mirror

There are tours (2WD / AWD) and add or not; replace EXL


Wi-Fi Lens 4G LTE

Front and Front Parking Sensors

LED Inline Hi / Lo-Beam

Heat compartment

Previous Rails

Environmental light

Power Tailgate with remote reach and hand access

Premium Audio with 10 speakers

Exterior Views with Integrated Exchange Signals

AC Inverter (115V – 150W)

Advanced Control Program Instrument Panel

Acoustic Glass

265 / 45R20 Electric

Elite (AWD) does not add or to; taking place Tourism

Face Attacks on the Migration

Auto-Dimming Side Mirror

Wheel-steering heat

Water teams

Wireless Phone Charger

Outdoor Energy Outdoor Games

Black and Bar Brooch, Bumper Hair Gloss, Garnish Sash Door, Tail Garnish Gate, Tail Gate Gate

Color of the body outside the mirror

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