20th International Bratislava Film Festival to keep Robert and Redford –


Elections SectionLexikn: writing, drama drama Tom Hudk, and well-known filmmaker Tom Hohorov, Ivan Huckov's documentary filmmaker, on cinematography, movie screening and single skins.

From this darkness he also goeswhere festivals can be seen. In a voting video, the boys will see splintering of the films ahead of them. Her musicians have a skin color, pattern, age, character in a different life. In the background, the voice of Qatar, who wants the song: Awareness, can not change, because we are only there? The words from the words from the Bbiky song are exploded, from the new albumAntigona, called Katarzia (Katarna Kuboiov) to collaborate with Pjoni (Jonathan Pastirkom).

Last year not just in cinematography with #MeToo, and we decided to reflect on the Bratislava MFF in the company and in cinematography. We chose the darkness of the world because he had a musket because he recognized it with films by the theorean Laura Mulvey. In section two of the spacewriter, we dream that sksenos are a n; appears, which has not always been forgotten in the film and society, we Reflection on how they were shown in the films and remembering that it does not work and write it; talk about the part of its writers and dodge: It's not a bag of just one section. From the joy of films in Sai, the film edges were engraved by eny records, and in other sections we also film movies that are; keep the tin whistle at night.

The first director of Chipriot, screenwriter and producer Tonie Mishiali will be celebrateddigging(ThePAFS, 2018). It enters the monotonous life of the famous Elpida (middle-aged) in a patriarchal society, which is led by conservation by the singer.Good work(TheBeau travail, 1999) is a work of French director Claire Denis, the novel inspired by Herman MelvillaBilly Bud. Prbeh goes around Sergeant Gabhab, who wants to know his & her; company Gilles Sentaine. Using a main production line, the hotel will affect the life profile of the soldiers. Ensk Pohad is strengthened by the long-term photographer of Denis, Agnès Godard, who gives pictures of cruise and bark strength, but their weaknesses. Sexistick Pohad na eny and their showcase in film and documentary film director Spanish, Diego GalnaHow to get ready ready(TheWith the broken pat, 2013). It is a humorous, but unfortunately, a spectacular, stereotypical view from the films broadcasting from the 30 to Saxon art.

Divky says wellA photo nowcross section of genetic work. The compilers, Nenad Dukid and Tom Hudk, choose their most prestigious films at world festivals. MFF Bratislava for 20 years for a Slovak people, who are often stars in the world film.

Zakzan Lsku opens in Kenya's relay Wanuri Kahiu in snmkeRafiki(2018). Homophobia, coming out, unintentionally and not accepting the same species, but also a smile, meet in a two-party competition course that competes. Kena is also a student of Sasestrike's ambition, although she may be interested in asking a doctor. Her best friend, Black, football, games and life, secretly says Ken to take it once. Well, she just wants the Ziki shell unwittingly. The film in Kenya was banned at the Cannes festival, but the town was very grateful to the town.

Vanessy Paradis fans enjoyed snookerN in your heart(TheCouteau is dancing a & # 39; blamed, 2018). It's a star as a leading artist Anna, a lesbian agent of gay pagks in the late 70's in Pari, after a long-term partner break. Franziskan gives Yann Gonzalez to deepen her unrestricted accident, murderer sriovi, later capturing actors from Anninch films. The funny is a humorous stream, dark ambitions and coals, a mix of nobles, light, and sound of the M83 sound, and gives strength and mystery to the film.

NewsWitnesses to Putin(TheSvidetel Putin, 2018) is an unusual situation that occurred at the end of 1999/2000. Russia's new president is Vladimir Putin. In the darkest dark, Vitaly Mansky, an actor filmmaker, also works, and the president is scheduled during his working hours. In the movie that it extends to the message, its & # 39; first info, his archive collections, pictures, certificates, positive certificates to build one of the most important political campaigns in the world, the people of the town. The film has been the forefront of the world at the Karlovy Vary festival, where he also won the Best Documentary Award.

The MFF Bratislava will also appear in the film of life film and the sculptor David Lowery.A man with a hunter(TheThe Bodach & Gun, 2018) is the final film created by Robert Redford. After 60 years of acting, in his 82 years, he decided to finish his appointment with a sniper, in which he was the victim of the Forrest Trucker, who is 70 years old, at was a rookie 17 years old for his life. Now you can think of a barrier, but you have to organize one of them.

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