$ 22 billion leaves a casualties in Cesar Nàiseanta


Thursday, December 13, 2018 – 12:01 AM

Due to the loss of prices and the preservation of animals due to quarantine due to casualties, there were a loss of $ 22 billion in Cesar.

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For analysts, the revitalization of prices in areas of casualties that occur in the cell. first month of 2019.

(Photograph: Archive / LIBERAL VANGUARDIA)

According to statistics from the Federation of Cattle Ponds in Colombia, Fedegan, the healthcare provided control of the disease of 52,000 bulls. Then, this surprisingly fell into the kilo of livestock values: dropped from $ 4,500 to $ 3,900 per kilogram, that is, $ 600 per kilogram. According to Hernán Araujo Castro, Cesar's Life Asset manager, the large produce of fat animals occurring in the " last quarter of the year.

In Cesar, 150,000 bulls are made and of the four towns that affect them are 75,000. "

"70% of these will be commercially in the last quarter, that is, 52,000 animals," he said.

The manager said, at the time when the price of the finished fat guidance fell, that surprisingly collapsed, immediately, decline, construction, cattle and heifers.



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