231 slaps: Why is the school's violence increasingly evolving, advanced?


Wednesday 28/11/2018 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

"Before that, the public did not strike the teacher directly. Now convicted, they will affect their children. That's how do the teachers deal with their story.

When a teacher always reflects on how to respond to "outcomes", the aims of the school will impact on the quality of teaching not only in knowledge but also to & # 39; teaching personality to children. "

This is the opinion of Dr. Vu Thu Huong (a lecturer at Hanoi Teachers' College) about a student's story in Quang Binh 231 from friends and staff for "badly speaking" crime.

It's not amazing, Ms. Huong that the situation of teachers can punish students in the same way or otherwise; increasingly "advanced", "barbaric" more than ever happened. More recently than the recent day to break the ears, pull the apricot, put your hands down to the teacher hit by failure … just recently it can also Tell a series of remarkable public ideas: When you talk, then the teacher will take you; student slapping in the classroom.

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The school, the student and the teacher will manage the other students and only their / her; hauling students

"I do not worry more, it's just a sense you need. Why does this happen continuously without any delay," said Dr. Vu Thu Huong.

She also told the story when she saw a program: Teacher – We changed on VTV7. In that program said a teacher like this, was convicted by the parents with his / her; principal for motivating student "boundaries". To address this situation, She asked the parents, "Are you at home hitting me? And why do you affect your children for love? If children dislike children for love, why not do it

"I've heard this, and a number of different events that are happening elsewhere in this country, I think it's the idea of ​​the teacher and # 39. Still, teachers still think they can do so, so they are worthy of doing so when students are not listening. It is the result of their opinion that we are allowed, not just the teachers themselves, but even parents who think they have a right to hit their children when children do not listen to the words that This situation did Dr. Vu Thu Huong sadly said.

In particular, Huong commented on some of the "games" penalties that the students are increasingly "responding" are very good. So, before the day before the society, public opinion is not convicted, teachers will be directly affected. "Now they are convicted, they bring children to the fight. That's how teachers will deal with their story."

"This affects children's children in a different way but with a very tough story. Usually giving evidence of a violent incident, Evidence is more likely to be very serious than those who are just suffering. Externalers are not aware of how bad the bugs are, but many children can not be able to , affecting anyone who is caught outside their ability, they will feel terrible. This has an adverse effect on the abilities of children who have been hit by orders. And in this situation more than one child was hit, "he stressed Dr. Vu Thu Huong.

She added, with young infants, to attack these minds as a support for the latest elders. For children who never do it, it is a very difficult spiritual cause. As well as doing the thing that has been so far, it is also a & # 39; making the child feel emotional … That's the danger of the behavior of this tutor.

And what is even more dangerous, when a teacher always thinks of how they will "to achieve the outcomes, the aims of the school will impact on the quality of teaching, Only in knowledge but I also teach personality to young people.

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"I have to prove that teachers have poor skills in tuition, which should not be beaten, not to make sure that he has not hit the scolded … Maybe he'll have a" first time twice, increase steadily and they get enough reason to argue for their behavior. "- TS. Vu Thu Huong

In the teaching process I have so many "unfortunate" children to achieve that way. For example, tell her not to eat, not to go, especially that he does not work with the & # 39; Most of the needs of the teacher … In this situation, I believe that 99% of the teachers do not; Using psychological steps, and they do not have enough patient to explain that they will be hit, and # 39; knocking and shouting, and they have to do that due to the child's sake. you have a mistake.

It's not an educational way

But come to us, we will not hit, shout, but use some of the psychological steps to guide them in their own way. For example, he does not listen to the move, direction, keep it in order to keep the action you want to do ever … Gradually the baby changes, This is a very bad patience and love, "said Huong.

It is clear that the behavior of the school's violence has been "high" for many years and when the public challenged, the teachers found other ways and found ways of achieving. "It is also the result that the emergence of formal disease in education has continued for many years. The schoolmaster responded that the magazines do nothing because The school will be applying for national status, which also reflects achievement … Everyone continues, not because of real education. Not only does this affect the psychology, the child's personality but also that younger generations are lying. Certainly this teacher has trained many scholars in this way and he also teaches to think that all of the attributes have to be met when there are enough reasons A, B, C … to be right. This is something that should not To teach her, she's teaching again, "he said.

At the same time, psychiatrist also shared the educational experience in the USA that she saw and made a lot of research. Non-verbal abuse is a penalty for teachers in general, especially for secondary school teachers in the United States. The main step they use is "casual", and does not allow children to leave the designated area. South Westerly

Based on the children's leg the time does not stop the same. For example, 2-year-olds will sit 4 minutes, people aged 3 and 3; sit 6 minutes. There were minutes, for children, a long time. By divide children and their children; fixing the children again and making them want to return to you should keep that editor up, consider personal behavior to be more suited.

Why is such a point, since everyone from birth is an independent person with his independent personality and aspirations. Parents or teachers should not be able to send out a type of benefits and their; limit their behavior.

He said that young children are introduced indirectly to the idea that no-one does not. including their parents or tutors to replace them for choices and decisions. even the smallest. So, the "disciplinary" time is also when the child thinks of what they have done wrong and this is the consequences of the child; They are responsible for their wrong actions.

The disciplinary teacher killed 231 students: a teacher's teaching school does not do that

I do not mention some of the classes that are going to; test students. At school in teaching, no-one is teaching.

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