24 hour security: VN-Index has "hard to go back" Tarantans


Countryside reservoirs were more aggressive but 78.5 billion dong on HOSE, 6 billion dong on HNX and UpCoM had only a small purchase of 2 billion dong.

On the HOSE, trading was more active, foreigners bought active VND785.6bn, and # 39; accounting for 19.1% of the total trading value and VND864bn sales.… (Read more).
SK Energy Co., Ltd. (South Korea) recently published that it has completed receiving 3.55 million OIL sections from the Vietnam Oil Company (PV Oil) on November 13. After trading, SK Energy took hold of 50.6 million shares, equating to 4.89% of capital to 54.1 million shares, equal to 5.23% of capital that officially generated a large amount of PV Oil.… (Read more).

Most of the PVS exchange in the morning was just about the reference. However, this code created a great surprise when the short term rises about 1 hour late in the late afternoon. As a result, PVS closed over MA200.

Many stock markets can not close in the green but the VN-Index is now made today thanks to VHM (+ 2.88%), which eliminated the impact of falling stock from SAB (- 0.8% and IDB (-1.55%).… (Read more).
At the trading day of November 19, the price of five American tech companies fell by over 20 per cent from the highest level in 52 weeks. This situation set out Asian technology stocks.… (Read more).
It is expected that KSH will move 15.4 million shares in Thinh Vuong Agroforestry and 13 million shares in Gia Huy Investment with a price of 10,000 dong per share.… (Read more).

Tan Bien Rubber (RTB) spent nearly 90 billion dong of divisions

Rubha Tan Bien (RTB) Shared Stock said the shares will pay the cash-in in cash by 10% on December 3, that will be 1 section; get 1,000 dong.

Therefore, with the amount of recorded stock and distribution of almost 87.95 million shares, RTB is expected to pay VND87.95 billion for payment of shares. The date of entitlements is 30 November, the payment period is from 14 December.

Agifish (AGF) departments were converted back to November 21 in a specific form of control

Hochiminh (HOSE) Stock Exchange has indicated that the Giang (Agifish, AGF stock code) Fixed Fisheries Exchange stock stock (Agifish, AGF stock code) has been removed from suspension over issues and moved to replace control of 21/11.

Therefore, AGF was not otherwise traded in the afternoon session from November 21, with an equivalent method according to order.

BIDV (IDB) by giving over 603 million shares to KEB Hana Bank of Korea

Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese Commercial Banking Bank (BIDV, IDB) has just agreed to agree a written plan for delivering shares to strategic investors abroad.

Therefore, BIDV aims to spread more than 603.3 million shares to KEB Hana Bank of Korea. Date for 2018-2019. These extracts will not be moved within 5 years from the date the first one is the first member of the BIDV.

Asian Stocks

Japanese stocks came to the lowest level in three weeks long and the Nissan sections were in a position; hanging after arresting President Carlos Ghosn. At the end, Nikkei lost 225 to 1.1 percent to 21,583.12, the lowest from 31 October. Topix fell more than 0.7 percent to 1,625.67.

Chinese stocks fell mostly in three weeks, due to a decline in financial and technological stocks. Falling down, Shanghai Composite lost 2.1 per cent to 2,645.85 points. The blue-locked CSI300 dropped 2.3% to 3,218.41.

Hong Kong shares fell as a result of a group of technology stocks that had been followed by Wall Street colleagues last night. Closed, Hang Seng-Index decreased by 2% to 25,840.34 points. Company Index Hang Seng Jane dropped 1.6 percent to 10,466.11.

Indo Tran wants to buy nearly 8.5 million STG sections of Sotrans

Indo Tran Transport and Transport JSC has announced its registration to purchase more than 8.47 million STG section of Southern Transport JSC (Sotrans). It is expected that the ##; taking place from 22 November to 21st December by means of agreement or coordination of order on the floor.

Indo Tran is a key owner with more than 28.43 million shares of STG, accounting for 33.28% of the unpaid voting departments of the company. If the contract succeeds, Indo Tran will give a & # 39; its profit in Sotrans to 43.2%.

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