24h Technology: Amazon's new headquarters are as wide as the big technology technology


There are shopping centers, platform rooms, playgrounds, and access routes to the tram system at Amazon's second headquarters.

Everywhere, he will build an international exporter as a fully-equipped town. In Virginia, for example, the new headquarters are coming to land. The headquarters of Arlington County (Crystal City and Pentagon City) and Alexandria (Potomac Yard) covers. (more)
China's Huawei phone company has overwhelmed Apple as the world's second largest smartphone maker. Company does not have a & # 39; hiding the goal for Samsung down in 2020.
Richard Yu, Huawei's leading consumer officer, in a CNBC interview said that Huawei has a gap closure with Samsung and her. overlooks the World's No. 1 handbag all over the world by 2020. (more)

When it comes to ultra-thin, light laptops, users often think about Macbook, but Apple's material is 13 inches or less in a small shape.

This time, the manufacturer made a full, luminous and innovative Dell computer, which even used a 15-inch screen for a new computer. (more)

After many years of success, Facebook has faced a huge number of emergencies. Public opinion has begun against each other.

The New York Times (NYT) article has recently been published on the death of Facebook information. He is arrested by Sheryl Sandberg, a company COO, stealing public opinion, and confronting criticists during the Cambridge Analytica crisis. In addition, other initiatives were expressed with real leadership. (more)

The United States has put a big deal on many aspects of China, and does not affect computer makers around the globe. According to Anandtech, after HP, Dell and Apple, Asus is also considering his & # 39; to remove factory from the largest country in the world of the world.

In the financial reports of the third quarter of 2018, Taiwanese electronic companies are considering to be able to; Choose Vietnam, some other countries in the south east of Asia and the countryside to make new sites. They have production facilities in Taiwan but this factory can not meet current production capacity. (more)

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