29 terrorists caught up in terror against terrorism


IDF suspects under attack in the night (archive)

IDF suspects under attack in the night (archive)


Israel's security forces kept 29 of them claiming terrorists in Judea and Samaria during what they held power at night.

This work included IDF, Border Police, Judea and Samaria Police Israel, and a security agency within Shin Bet.

In a series of raids, security forces captured 29 instructors for being attacked and terrorist attacks against civil soldiers and security personnel.

The suspects were taken into prison and taken away for questioning.

During the anti-terrorist process, the IDF troops also found secret deposits in the town of Hevron, south of Jerusalem. Automated 'Carlo', pistol, and large amounts of gun-fuel were removed during the attack, and an IDF spokesman said on Wednesday morning.

“Over the night, as a result of IDF's investigation into illegal weapons in the city of Hebron, the soldiers seized a Carlo machine, a pistol and extra weapons. The weapons and weapons were transferred to security forces. ”

Armor found during a plunder

IDF spokesperson

“In addition, IDF's investigation of the town of Surif, north-west of Hebron, led to the soldiers seizing the great value of thousands of Israeli Shepherds. This activity is part of the process of coping with terror. ”

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