2nd reedwort reinforced in Lowell


Massachusetts Public Health Department confirmed another case of measles in Lowell, called Saturday officials.

The person, who was confirmed on Thursday, had been in a number of places and could give others the illness, as reported by a health department; public.

An earlier case of the disease was reinforced on November 8. The two judgments were made at Lowell Community Health Center, the statement said.

"There are no connections between the two cases," according to Dr. Catherine Brown's state ecologist.

The state's efforts now aim to identify "people who may be at risk of getting sick and get a vaccine," she said.

A public and public health department urging people who are unfamiliar with their vaccine status to get a vaccine with at least one dose of the vaccine; measles, pomps, and rubella (MMR).

Anyone who visits the following places is also required by the dates and scheduled times to contact their healthcare provider to confirm their immunization status:

  • T.J. Maxx, 288 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford, 3-7 p.m., November 11
  • Lowell Community Health Center, 161 Jackson St., Lowell, 4-9 p.m., November 15
  • Walmart Supercenter, 333 Main St., Tewksbury, 5-8 p.m., November 15

A measles will have a & # 39; easily distributed to a person personally and usually lasts a couple of weeks. Initially, the symptoms include coughing, high fever, stiff nose and red, watery eyes. Later on, & maybe people will Feel a trick red, discharged word that can be spread to the excess of the body.

Their virus is & # 39; measles that live in the & quot; frost and roof and spun into the air when someone is injured; flows, coughs or speeches, and can stay in the air for up to 2 hours.

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