$ 3.5 million in Singapore gives you money without going to & # 39; cleaning


On the afternoon of November 17, continuing the trill of food trials, Despite Phan Sao Nam (who was the director of JSC VTC online), one of the leaders on the line was questioned.

Male star: 3.5 million single lenders for the lender without paying the icon 1
Phan Sao Nam holiday in court

In terms of the amount of $ 3.5 million currently invested at a Singapore bank, Nam a & # 39; find out where the money you pay for the defendant. The sum of this loan lending in Vietnam is $ 3.5 million. Later on, his friend went to Singapore and returned to defend the person.

"This is money from the gambling line," said Nam.

About this amount, the definition is a definition of "catching money" but has voluntarily reported to actively proposed research bodies.

Phan Sao Nam also said, because the 15 designated experts value $ 150 billion worth, because you are in a position. store the value of gold of 680 billion USD.

About the money to benefit from the questioning line, Phan Sao Nam's abduction; receiving 1,475 billion. In detail of the use of this money, Nam khai, a large number was held in money; some are invested in companies that are in a position; dealt with in new areas; find some estate investments; some are kept by relatives and friends. Nam 236 billion dong gave his mother-in-law, Phan Thu Huong, then just hide her, and then she went to her. thanking Huong's investment profit. According to the fact, a married sister and friend from the south were invested without the money being given.

Phan Sao Nam said that one of the reasons for improving its & # 39; game due to the expectation of managing this area. The defendant said that many technology companies were developing gaming materials in the world and that they have companies that are in the world; Receiving income of more than $ 1 billion.


"In Vietnam, the accused knew more about this." The accused person and Mr Nguyen Van Duong were often stated, the defendant and Mr Yang are planning to improve their leadership; game. "- said the Nam.

As well as that, the one who named Nam revealed that the profit sector was about to # 39; profit profits match, the CNC Company will qualify for 30%, you will enjoy 70% of the Sao Nam Phan Society but after that CNC is entitled to 38%

Phan Sao Nam is fully aware of the issues related to playing, gaming activities, to process money from gambling games … a & # 39; money cleansing The defendant as a whole agrees with allegations of conviction.

At a lawsuit, the defendant appeared for His regret, and he responded in total that Rikvip's playing industry was in a position; protest, as well as investing in some business areas, estate sales have a vi Reduced money.

Self-defense If you have been actively involved with relatives to return the number of illegal benefits. To date, the Audit Group has a & # 39; Holding over 821 billion VND in a short time (22 billion Phan Thu Huong); blocking almost 77 billion in bank accounts; distill 02 houses, 12.4 billion contract value; prohibit 13 purchases for purchasing rooms, worth 139 billion; 05 cars of all kinds.

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