3 diseases that are drawn to species that appear in rare places


The most important thing so that it does not affect it diseases that are drawn to sex (ETS) to block. Use condoms, latex range, and be careful with those who may even be discharged, such as HPV (which can be spread by talking to areas affected by any mucosa).

However, it does not stop the same thing that needs to be noted. Like any other disease, please contact us too The signs that may be there To work quickly it is very important, as the way to avoid problems. There are some signs, as they appear in other parts of the body that are not breeding, are often neglected.

Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis This type is simple.

In the eyes

Sometimes, what looks like gonorrhea or chlamydia seems to be. "Sometimes we'll forget to tell people that gonorrhea can pass through the toys with a disease that has been infected (which has been infected with buggy)", explained to the BBC and La Nación Tas Rashid, a specialist who specializes in sexual health.

That is, although some times of sexual intercourse are protected by use; such as penetration or oral species, it is possible to get STD that appears in another mucosa, in this case the eye. The symbols include red, curry and tum


In the top

Gonorrhea may appear as a pile in the neck, precisely, such as pain and swelling of the necking of the neck. Also crlamydia, although it is only when it is infectious through an oral type.


Both gonorrhea and syphilis can appear as a pain. In the case of gonorrhea, it is very difficult: it means that it reached the unions through the blood of blood, causing septic arthritis. It causes red, inflammation and much pain. In syphilis, however, joint pain may be tired and what is like flu.


The whole body

Syphilis can make red causes, which show any space on its; body.

Losing hair

Syphilis can leave hair, usually from a mirror.

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