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By the character of Phan Quan and the "Judge" film there were many jobs on underground crime topics that were inspired by their own life and the profile of Cam Nam Nam.

A description of the series Criminal police affecting the subject of crime and describing real-fashioned games, he did not; The listeners can only help them remember the amazing scenes that were placed on the screen, without mentioning the two northern eagle names and Hung Ha. However, the five steps in the # 39; biggest crime character "that has ever been" sent ". For many reasons, this name does not appear in the movie's name, but many commitments have been encouraged in both cases to build from the Five Cam icon.

The prestigious artist of Hong Duc as Tien "only

Criminal police The movie is ahead when Nam Cam gives the screen 16 years ago in the film White necklace Using the image of organized crime, the Tien character is "only" damaged by the screen writer and film director from a real five Cam.

3 & # 34; tycoon & # 34; They oran years on screen and unexpectedly unexpected things - 1

"Fairy" is only the most interesting version of the Five Cams screen.

It was believed that the post, the Hong Duc artist seemed very morally looking, but that another artist had a terrible and extraordinary part. Although it's a great deal but some points are still not really true when the character of a camer is something shorter, compared to the time the film was launched but certainly " Here "alone" is one of the most important aspects of the film's success.

In addition to the meaning of Tien's character only ", the listeners did not forget much information; shows how big a snowfall game was like £ 1,000 worth of glasses. Hong Duc artists needed to make a loan or appearance of this character that was burning a true doorbill for her; women with whom he had been in love. In terms of brutality, most of this money was not widely invested, but in terms of tolerance, no-one can do anything; match them.

Recalling this heavy work, the Shameless Artist of Hong Duc shares: "After the film was broadcast, everyone who I met on the street, my coffee shop, my coffin recognized me. Although I always said that I was filming the white-white movie, b & # 39; In my position Tien "Only", but all my listeners called Nam Cam".

Boss of Seven Mango in "Clann de Saigon"

Seven other character mango is inspired by Five Cam tycoons. As soon as the name emerged, he remembered the profile of the famous crime. In the film Children in the middle of Saigon, This post was taken to artist Hai Nhat. Compared to the prestigious Hong Duc artist, it was thought that he had been involved when he showed a picture of an old red-haired red-haired but faced with a simple part without harm.

3 & # 34; tycoon & # 34; Orange on screen and unexpected items - 2

Hai Nhat's Seven Mango looks beautiful but it's pretty toxic.

Almost 40 years of age comply with the seventh art, it seems that Hai Nhat's image was crucified by homelanders, unless it is detected, It's also fragile, pipe band, pipe soldiers … He said, there seems to be a thick face In particular with a challenger, each director wants this type of job.

Although it's a great success in characterizing the profile and its & # 39; In the Gypsy world, there is still a lot of information in the movie that does not matter when it has been pulled away and away from truth. sacrifice. However, the character of Bay Xoai is still regarded as one of the most powerful leaders on the screen.

Hai Nhat recited: "After the movie came out, many Mango's Seven Mango people gave me a friend with Nam Cam. I was delighted to give a donkey when an old woman came and gave me my hand and said: "It's great! Tell me, after he died, did not forget people".

3 & # 34; tycoon & # 34; The Year of Orange on the screen and the unexpected people know - 3

Hai Chan's prestigious artist at his son's wedding.

Now, the name "tycoon" on Hada Nhat has been skilful for a while to get an old age of comfort. He is currently living in his home in Can Gio and is involved in the corn industry. The last time the actor took care of the appearance of his son's wedding – the actress Thanh Dat.

Tony Nguyen in Criminal Police: Run the sentence

Said Keep the sentence Cao Thanh Lam's sheep can quickly memorize a lot of spectators but there is an unidentified character associated with Nam Cam, Tony Nguyen. In this film, the headquarters were recycled under an overseas Vietnam cover that was behind the well-known Vietnamese line in Taiwan.

3 & # 34; tycoon & # 34; The Year of Orange on the screen and the unexpected people know - 4

Tony Nguyen's pretty appearance makes it difficult for observers to recognize that this character has been improved from five Cams image.

Although it is not a key character, but this is one of the important links that are in place; contribute to the success of the favorite movie series. Criminal policeThanks to this film, the name of the actress Viet Anh as Cao Thanh Lam became a special feature in the drama town.

3 & # 34; tycoon & # 34; Year of Orange on screen and people who are not expected - 5

Life Artist artist Tien Dat is a well-known tailor in Hanoi.

At the same time, the person who plays Tony Nguyen – the Artist of People Tha Tien Dat a & # 39; continue to make a mark with a man. In a comedy range, in his opinion, he often trusts leaders with enthusiasts such as tourism, landlords … In real life, the actor is a highly talented person without a senior post At last, he returned to a tailor of work since his father's father.

Hung Ha and Bac Dai Bang are famous for the screen: the ones that were converted, expressed as a result of their lottery

The two actors who played the Wanderer were famous in many strands of life.

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