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This has been a real year in memory of a marijuana business. Undoubtedly, the biggest event of the year is undoubtedly supporting a recreational award in Canada on October 17, 2018. After promising green and green clothing ; used for many years, First Minister Justin Trudeau kept his word true. When the business is totally up to the beginning of the decade, possibly, it can be & # 39; Creating more than $ 5 billion in additional annual sales.

But this is far from the same story of a clan chief in 2018. We have taken two new states – Utah and Missouri – to provide legal aid to medical marijuana in the United States and they saw her First drugs found by cannabis receiving the bottlenecks from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA). And based in Canada Tilray the first stock of marijuana came to the IPO on the international exchange of the US.

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Everyone looks over those dangers

As I said, it's been a busy year – and it is well-shown in the constituent prices of the pop-ups since the beginning of 2016.

However, despite the amazing innovations they are growing, there is no risk of marijuana stock. Many of these dangers are well documented, but some are so remote under the radar that no one has; talk about it. Here are three of the highest dangers under this radar.

1. Fair value variations in both ways

Anything all investments must be aware of when they are investing in Canadian based marijuana stock that they report their income statements to & # 39; using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which differs from the traditional GAAP statement that US researchers have used to.

As agricultural companies reporting IFRS accounts, marijuana growers need to recognize the fair value of biological property (eg, cannabis plants) during their visit. Remember, cannabis plants can have different values ​​based on whether they are growing, and, grow buttermilk, or they have been harvested and / or treated. It is the responsibility of the operators to evaluate this value, as well as the cost charged; considered to sell these resources. That's right … pot stocks need to measure the cost of selling goods before they sold their produceSouth Westerly

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As you can think, this can change wildly in the fair value of this asset from one quarterly report to the next one. In the last areas, expansion can continue to increase in fair value recognition, and carry forward profits for marijuana stock to a higher accuracy. For example, Aphria (NYSE: APHA) Recently reported that there was a large profit of 8.5 million Canadian dollars, which included CA $ 13.3 million in sales and around $ 4.8 million in production costs. However, fair value changes to properties and biological assets ended the end of the year; add $ 5.3 million to Aphria's total profit.

The thing is, changes in value can fairly move both ways. While expanding the ability to welcome advanced changes in biological resource valuation, this will not always be a case. The down-down changes could trigger the thunderstorm from a & # 39; Grow fast hire for pot stocks. Companies such as Aphria have yet to deliver operating profit, and a reduction in downward tax return can be returned to owners.

2. Lawyers

He may not say, but lawyers want Wall Street. At any time there is even a smallest problem that did not have an executive team or board that was altered by active companies; Invasion of investors, is an invitation to attack, so speak. Solicitors are particularly fond of flying flying bubbles, and maybe a marijuana business is good.

To be very clear, marijuana business is now an impossible business model. Within a few years, there are winners that should be going to be successful in the long run.

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But at this time, all investors are making boats of commitments from a & # 39; build poles that they will "make" the level of "high quality" cannabas or "Y" partners and the "Z" special results. It can be argued that most of the repositories up to this place have been largely based on geometries – and gelatures are easily broken or missing in the financial world.

If a marijuana stock could remain up to expectations, it would not be surprising that these stocks can be seen considerably. Every "next thing" before cannabis – eg, internet business, internet, genomic, block technology, and 3D printing – saw its pig, and potato sockets may follow the same way . When these miseries are blown, a lawsuit may continue. The remainder and long-term costs related to a criminal offense could lead to marijuana companies that value the money as a whole.

3. Long-term reduction

Third, and finally, you've probably heard about the impact of divisions based on marijuana divisions, but certainly not having much regard to the long-term effects.

For example, you are registered regularly Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) for its aggressive expansion efforts. Since its year, Aurora has launched a new novelty project in Medicine Hat, Alberta. runs 1.2 million square feet. The company completed the two largest cannabis contracts in history: the purchase of $ 852 million of CanniMed Theannipeutics and the purchase of $ 2 billion of MedReleaf based in Ontario.

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In order to support these initiatives, Aurora Cannabis has used its common stock voluntarily. The CanniMed contract was largely completed in stock, with its output. MedReleaf's entirety in sections. As a result of such instantaneous balcony movement, the specially distinctive department is a company; counting, and so pressing its & # 39; Sharing price and making it more difficult for the company to take advantage that is appropriate to each department. Between June 30, 2017 and September 30, 2018, the proportionality of Aurora was increased from 366.5 million to 961.8 million.

But this is the thing: It is not ready to just go up yet. As well as being able to fund their construction usually with stock, it's a & # 39; The company has been involved in a number of capital purchasing purchases to increase capital. Sale stock is slowly created in & # 39; A proportional account, but offers conversion opportunities, stock options and / or guarantees, that can be done; continues to increase in its departmental account over many years.

At the end of Aurora's first season, almost $ 200 million was in the conversion of incredible debts and almost 22.9 million have been converted to; Purchase certification department is still available by 2020 or 2023 completion dates. Translation: Divisional Cannabis Statement of Accounts; going to increase significantly higher, and that will be adversely affect the profitability of each department.

Undoubtedly, marijuana business is growing as a herb, but there are many dangers that could be a? blocking investors.

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