3 Steps I currently hold to rescue your reserves through protected stock


Although it may be a challenging job; In order to build an egg nest for a & # 39; retiring, departmental stocks may make it easier. Divisions have the potential to restore full results over a long period, and may indicate that stock is in stock; provides a strong financial perspective.

By focusing on areas such as departmental coverage, a register of departmentalization and repository of stock payment payments, it may be possible to develop your retirement objectives in the long- time.

Intelligent cover

Although high-output results can appeal to investors as a result of the income income they are going to; offer, it may be best to & # 39; Buy stocks that have well-covered divisions. After all, much of the result is often used if it is not possible to change.

One measure can be used by investors to determine regional safety, and the opportunity to be paid, the departmental cover agreement. This is just a net profit division dividing to reach decimal numbers. Anything above 1 indicates that price divisions are accessible, and anyone under 1 should cause your investor to be careful about paying parts at the current level.

It is clear that the proportion of departmental divisions is higher that shows that there is greater access to & # 39; Increase stock payments at a faster pace than profit growth. Therefore, purchasing companies in such a situation may increase the long-term growth rate within a stockpayer.


Although performance is not a future guide, companies with reliable account records of growing divisions may be more attractive than those with a mixed history of payments stock. They may finally be able to draw evaluation value, as investors can become a lower risk than some of their peers. At the same time, regular regular growth can show that there is a competitive advantage at a & # 39; company over its peers that will allow them to grow a strong job in the future.

Possibility of buying stock with hard-to-income income registers to & # 39; Help with a investor contribution with a more reliable income stream. Over the long term, this may be more attractive than the proven proportional sharing profile.


Although it is likely to cost extracts received, they will re-invest them for the future to enable the impact of output to be affected. As long as it is possible, repatriation of divisional results may not overwhelmingly, over the long term, several studies have shown that the effects of total results can have a significant impact.

As times for the global economy are still uncertain, capital growth can be more limited over the next few years than it was in the past. Therefore, the results of departments may become more important, and may have a greater impact on retirement opportunities than someone who would normally be more likely to be. case.

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