3 things you can do with the new WhatsApp update


From a social network giant, Facebook bought the message message Immediately, its development has been focused on it enhance the tools of the APP. Initially, the favorite stories, from the Instagram and Facebook brothers were added. Now, There are three new actions to improve its use.

Listen to the audio recordings before submitting them:

There is a bit of trick, for Android as iOS, which is licensed Listen to the voice note before inserting you to the person who receives it and has little knowledge of that.

When you click the microphone button to record a voice note, Slow up until the stone statue appears, be able to ignore her finger and follow the record.

Once you're & # 39; ending the audio, instead of pressing its & # 39; click on the back button to leave the conversation, and later, there will be a slight decline on the phone.

Once you're & # 39; return to the camera, The registered message appears at the bottom, and you can listen to it and decide whether to delete it or delete it.

The stewards came:

Customers they can use the waves that they enjoy in the application. The action, which is already in Messenger conversations, Instagram Stories no Telegram Chats, enabled for Android and iOS devices.

To use it you must have version 2.18.101 of WhatsApp. Select the option to send emojis. Then, in the text panel within the discussions, is displayed in the bottom, alongside the images that match emojis and gifs, a new option for stickers.

Direct the message:

Now it is possible for users to customize the APP to find out what links most speak. You can determine how many pictures or messages have been sent between bills.

To access this work, go to & # 39; Settings & # 39; Data & Storage & # 39; and choose storage & usage. There you will find a list sorted out by the amount of data released. By choosing a man, you can see how many messages, images or documents have been killed.

In this menu, you can also send a message, for you to specify specific users, warning tone, light and quake of the equipment, personally.

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