"$ 3 trillion" debt from the World of China


Sunday, 11/18/2018 08:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Large home debts have been a long-standing chief of China for China, but the rise in debt to foreign debt has been largely widespread and can incentivize financial crisis.

The incredible contribution comes from Kevin Lai, a leading economist for Asia (except Japan) at his & her; Daiwa Capital Markets bank and investment company.

According to Lai, the value of $ 3 billion worth of China is particularly dangerous due to the wounding of salaria, weakening the yuan and the ongoing trade war of China.

US global debt outside the United States today has risen to $ 12 trillion (up from $ 9 trillion in 2013). These included the debts of Chinese mainland companies and their contractors in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Caribbean. accounting for 25%, or $ 3 trillion.

China's cross border activity is growing faster than any other market economy that is going to grow. emerge, although Beijing has closed part of its financial account.

$ 3 billion trillion

China's attractive activity has grown faster than any other emerging economy. Photograph: Clachan

In order to address two financial market challenges – "rage" in 2013 when the Periodic Reserve (FED) began to consolidate funding policy and an attempt from People and Bank of China (PBOC) to reform On exchange rates in August 2015, Jane has increased US debt, rather than paying debt and her; solve basic issues of corporate governance and effectiveness.

"Can the world's debts trade warrant cost $ 13 billion or $ 14 billion?" He stressed that global debt debt levels could become high due to tight financial policy in the US. This may involve investors to sell money for USD and pay debts. "We will talk about the main financial crisis – debt debts in the US," said the expert.

Mr Lai said the rise in US dance debt in foreign countries has become involved in the world's second largest economy banking system and is worried with its downward capability. In addition to the exchange rate of RMB.

Historically, migrants, investors and customers have taken advantage of the gap between the US and Chinese levels of interest to buy voluntary loans and buy assets to benefit available. However, in an effort to support the economy and economic growth, the PBOC has increased the level of interest in response to the movement of the Fide to raise interest rates. This is output to & # 39; The gap between US and China state levels is so fast that it now does not pay the cost of US dollar debt for the most expensive single currency in the world.

According to the latest figures, the dollar sold at 6,9439 yuan, after Scotland's money dropped by 11 per cent from March. For many investors, they have the "comfortable zones" at around 6.20 and 7.00 yuan for 1 USD. Therefore, a current 7.00 yuan can quickly exclude large sales in order, and its value can be added to & # 39; decline, according to Lai's analysis.

As a result, dollar loans are even more difficult to handle, and continue to sell more yuan and sales; Perhaps a difficult circle when there is no solution to $ 3 billion debt debt in China.

"We're talking about a big picture. If the yuan is growing, we'll see a crisis in the dollar," said Lai.

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