The Hong Kong patient arrived on this 23rd of month, having a fever and a cough next day, then forced it. He visited the patient's department of St Teresa's Hospital on the 26th of this month and went to Kwong Wah Hospital for treatment and admission on the same day.from

MeaslesThe virus was positive and sustainable.

Following confirmation of the substantiated case, the CHP immediately launched an epidemiological research and monitored the friends. Preliminary investigations were introducedfrom

MeaslesCompliance with the signals.

The public places visited by patients during the disease are as follows:

March 23

2:45 pm with CX906 traveling from Manila to Hong Kong

23 March to 26 March

7 / F, Metropark Mongkok Hotel 22, Lai Chi Kok Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

March 26

3:03 to 3:24 in the morning, St Teresa's Hospital Clinic

Reports related to:

The airport vaccination is the first blood test the next week Yuan Guoyong: The risk is without disease without antibodies 90%.

A new issue of Philippine's representation was added this year to the total number of cases.

KMB provides money to staff to give the vaccine with a roof of 300 Yuan

It says that Bailiang supports new in-migrants and domestic helpers to provide a vaccination certificate: non-discrimination on health issues.

Two other boys in Macau, another nurse at Jinghu Hospital, this year, 25 cases of measles

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