The airline Latam announcements to buy tickets and packs with huge discounts to reach more than 70 destinations worldwide.

This sale will be valid until Wednesday, 13 March, with over 80,000 places available. There are also discounts for exchanges of tickets Thousands of LATAM Pass and LATAM travel packages.

Miami, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cartagena de Indias, Cusco, Quito and Tel Aviv, some of the objectives included in this initiative.

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It will be possible to travel to Miami beaches, for example from last price $ US $ 639, as long as you can rest in Cancun from the closing price of $ $ 641.

For closer gates, Buenos Aires is available from the final round trip price at US $ 135, Lima from last price $ $ 132 and Cusco with airplanes just from US $ 240 final journeys, amongst others. International destinations can also be obtained from 4,900 LATAM Pass and taxes.

For the best people by traveling Chile, you can travel from $ 3,490 increased rates to each segment to La Serena, Calama and Antofagasta from $ 6,490 and each corridor tax, t Balmaceda from $ 9,490 more taxes per corridor, and Puerto Montt from $ 6,990 and additional fees for each installment. Domestic aircraft will also be available from 600 LATAM Pass Miles and all section rates.

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In addition to tours, the company offers packages with a 50% discount, good for planning other holidays. Travel to Cancun with tickets, motions and an 7-night package in an inclusive program is possible from US $ 899, to Miami 7 nights from US $ 849 (including tickets and hotel), to Orlando 7 nights from US $. T 719 (including hotel and tickets) and Buenos Aires 3 nights from US $ 259 (including tickets, hotel with breakfast).

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