365.bank is available for everyone today. It also brings savings with an interest rate of 3.65%


365.bank one of the most economical banks in Slovakia. All activities are built on digital platforms. It has completely redesigned the way in which formal banking can be dealt with. Everything will turn around the smartphone, not around its & # 39; computer, and it is no longer around the branch. That bank does not even exist. After a beta test today, 365.bank will have a consistent traffic target, so you can easily create an account by your phone. You do not have to walk anywhere, you will not get a messenger.

Census in a few minutes, its identity is determined by a video call

The first bank is not 365.bank to offer a chance to create an account directly through the app. For each bank, however, there is a unique type of identity that exists in corporate communications. Regardless of a machine or signature tour, there will be a form of a messenger. 365.bank does all that through the request. You will first scan your ID card just through the app. She did this during her presentation at a press conference quickly and without major problems.

If the app is mistaken in a serious disaster or that some citizen is not caught, you can add it by hand. Then, the most important part of your identity is through a video call. You will send a message to their activist, who will & # 39; Ask a series of questions to you, and, based on your form by Citizen Charter, make sure that the data is all right for you. And that's all other devices, you will not go anywhere, you do not sign anything.

Originally opened account detailed 10 minute account. The time you could be & # 39; read the documents that you see right in the application and you can send it to e-mail. If someone drives you, you will compose your account in just 5 minutes. At this time, the upcoming video movie will take about 4 minutes, but it would like to go to it; bank to shorten this time. This is very spectacular, and again, the difficult task of setting up one activity account is again an activity; You could do it in a few minutes.

"We are starting a new level. Everyone can try to move a daily banking. Since you have established your account on mobile phones, different types of savings, paying on click fingerprinting, blocking cards and mobile payments. With a mobile app, people always know how much they can spend in the next payment, the bank will be able to, communicate with them through push pollutants, and people get an overview of their daily costs and long-term goals, " says Marek Šupa, Chief Executive 365.bank

News in-app and new savings

Different types of application, as well as its entire bank, have been able to test the tests for months. Now some things have changed. It can not be done further by adding enough money from a bank account. As a preference to a video film, it is possible to visit the Post Slovak branch and confirmation of its identity.

The final version of 365.bank also includes fingerprint for iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR with FaceID. There is also an interesting PIE code that allows us to create a code through emoji the images.

Other interesting features can be saved. Syslenie. The name simply represents what you are doing; think – specify or write; hate small amounts for a long time. Two such forms of savings are available:

  • Unintentional account – saving that will "give a" percentage of all sums and transactions to deliver
  • Complete your card payments – Watch up for 1/5/10 euros, and for all payment payments, this collection will be moved

Like this, you'll continue, do not add big amounts at the same time, and when you go; save based on your previous business, you can see how much you can spend in a month. In fact, you can create savings directly in the app.

draft: 4.7.3

Current price: Free of charge

draft: 4.7.3

Current price: Free of charge

Full list of 365.bank features:

  • mobile app for iPhone and Android for "user"
    knowledge ".
  • digital recording, t. j. The ability to open account for a few clicks via smartphone,
  • to sign up direct contracts in your mobile application,
  • keep a current account free,
  • Card Master Direct Unit,
  • Fair view fair view and expected collection
    based on previous payments,
  • The ability to establish savings for dreams, which are categorized clearly and with interest
  • 3.65% interest auto saving Syslenie,
  • Pay program based on the cash platform for card payments
    program partners,
  • push after each pays,
  • to close and & # 39; directly blocked the app in the app,
  • card boundaries directly in your app,
  • the ability to pay through Google Pay,
  • Induction registry and face ID (for iPhone X)
  • PIE Code (Emoji Aithne Personal) – a combination of emoji images
    sign up to a business application or permit (different
    classical PIN class),
  • Over 1,700 free money points,
  • internet bank
  • and others.

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