& # 39; & # 39; Sort your reasons & # 39; & # 39 ;. Sungi Health Health Initiative


The Ministry of Health has launched the Sound of Sensation Initiative launched under the "Modify Your Habits", in conjunction with World Earth Day.

The campaign aims to identify its & # 39; The effects of unhealthy habits on diabetes, the importance of changing unhealthy habits in a & # 39; eliminate type 2 diabetes, a symptom of diabetes and its symptoms; It has changed life, an awareness of the effects of unhealthy habits and its role in diabetes, and encouraging its community to go to; Healthy behaviors and practices to delay diabetes for those at risk, as well as focus on the impact of healthy ways (healthy eating habits, loss of stress, exercise). For fun) to delay the likelihood.

The initiative aimed at changing the negative practices and the solutions proposed through sensory messages and its; Encourage people to exercise and eat healthy and encourage the community to take part in the operation of the campaign, the media and the field.

His ministry has produced a number of awareness awareness in this regard, which will be published through health accounts on social networking sites.

The Kingdom is one of the highest in Sweden with type 2 diabetes, and is ranked second in the Middle East and the seventh place in the world in the disease levels of the zodiac. 3 million cases for diabetes in the UK can be avoided. After a healthy lifestyle.

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