$ 39.5M Lotto Max jackpot is still unemployed, and gets a purchase purchase in the south Delta


DELTA (NEWS 1130) – The winning prize of the Lotto Max Tour is still at $ 39.5 million at Friday for choosing the price.

An B.C. Lottery Corp says that nobody has come forward to collect their benefits.

"No one has come forward to raise that money," said Evan Kelly with the BCLC.

The winning ticket, bought in southern Delta, is the only one that corresponds to the seven numbers from across Canada.

CREATED: B.C. Ticket bids of $ 39.5 million of Lotto Max money at nightnight

He says there is a two-day process to agree to the benefit of that size but he says that when a winner is on, they will organize a show and his / her; Invite everyone to meet the winner.

52 weeks from lottery winners from the target date are printed on the ticket to proceed to claim their prize. The problem of winning a lotto Max jackpot or Maxmillion award is one of 28,633,528 each game.

"Amazingly, it's rarely going to cost, you know there are four or five points here in B.C. in 2018," and Kelly added.

He says that although some think that the larger area, like Toronto, is the biggest winners you can see, he says that's not true.

-The files from Andrea Nic a 'Phearsain and Press of Canada

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