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Jakarta – – East & Seas Wanting more people into space, one of them gives a different view of the Earth's plantation to make the world a better place.

The British airline company certifies that a & # 39; "an overview of effectiveness". That looks The land As it is, there is a beautiful place full of life that only looks and does; beauty in a quiet place, which inspires people's vision of the world in which they are now in a position; live.

"The more people who see the Earth from above, the changes you make on Earth," said Virgin Galactic, Mike Moses President. SpaceMonday (02/11/2019).

"You bring home" place "to the home and that's a better idea for someone than you were ever. I think that's the future," Moses followed.

Virgin Galactic itself is developing spacecraft they are commercial. In December 2018, the Virgin Galactic supersonic space vessel had begun to start new successes by going to the edge of space. This success brings the trillionaire to the company Richard Branson closer to its desire to bring tourists into the place.

The plane used to use rockets called VSS Unity, was airplane with two veteran pilots by a & # 39; height up 82.7 kilometers. That is, VSS Unity has exceeded the edge of the sky, according to the United States government at a height of 80km.

Aircraft tickets to Virgin Galactic's place will be sold for USD 250,000 for aircraft around 90 minutes. It is said that over 600 people have bought tickets to date. However, the company wants to reach more people.

"Our future is here to open up opportunities for everyone to know about space in the air, and to see the Earth from above," he said.

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