& # 39; Becoming, & # 39; Michelle Obama: Innovative and important work


"Becoming," by Michelle Obama. Photograph: Crown

By reading Michelle Obama's memorandum, "Becoming," a & # 39; Feeling like taking up an old friend over a happy afternoon. Her parts of her story are familiar, but still, you're listening, willing to hear it again. Other parts are new and they are surprising. Sometimes her story will smile you up and her; shaking your head enough. Some of the funny episodes can be heard. You're thinking about and & # 39; I wish you could be protected from an uncertain world.

Obama has sworn to the readers of everything, and she will give up that promise. From the foolish to the surreal, from the nobility to a large extent, from how sad it is changing, she tells about it. As she divides her story, you're going to. Feel that every word is honest, brave and true.

"Becoming" explains how Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, "Girl from the South," has become. It's a story that's so big about doing it; grow as it is related to its & # 39; group.

Michelle Obama with her father's Buick Electra 225 – Deuce and Quarter, as the family gave him. Photograph: With permission from the Obama-Robinson Family Archive

Obama invites us to the upstairs room in the & # 39; brick red bungalow to know the camera and the close link; Her husband, Marian and Fraser, and her oldest brother, Craig. She tells of her driving, pursuing achievement, her desire to analyze the correct boxes and confirm that she was, in fact, "Princeton material"; Despite an incorrect evaluation of their secondary school counselor. She would fight with a dirty question – Am I good enough? – put that into mind for years to come.

As the first woman, Obama broke the top. The Americans never had a life like Obama. She did not attend the most important cultural framework built around African African women.

"Becoming" will also break the burn. Not only because Obama has a & # 39; writing a style tells how she's written, but because she holds her story in the richness and complexity of African American history that rarely reach national audiences.

Michelle Obama at Princeton University. Photograph: With permission from the Obama-Robinson Family Archive

She is the descendants of the Scandinavian people, grandson at Migration Mòr, and as a result of her black black community in South Chicago. She is a spectator of individual housing, limited contracts and the increase of white families to the north and west of Chicago. She gives evidence of sad dreams of her brother and grandfather who wanted to find more education and employment opportunities at a time that was not enough for black men.

Too funny and funny stories, Obama accepts the joy that he has; grow up in the community; The "American American Black" writers named: jazz jet sound from his grandfather's house around the corner, the barbecues where co-cousins ​​did not count, and their emotions, as Obama has done. writing, "everyone was tied."

Co-lingualism in the subjects that "Becoming" speaks to many readers recognize and; love, but at his heart, this is a story about the complexity of black women's animals telling about a black woman. This is an innovative and important job that helps to fill a gap in the literature on the life of African American women.

Michelle and Barack Obama and the Sasha (6) girls and Malia (9) of the RV on a campaign going through Iowa in 2007. Photograph: Getty Images

This is the story of a woman who has been living with uncertainty: it has made a great deal for people all over the world and also been accused, preserved, loved as angry, militant, non-married and worse. She is a supportive and affectionate woman, but also a woman who appears so clear to her husband, who promised herself not to be lost in the shadow. She has been living with the challenges she has; in being a mother working, to be sure to be home to his daughters' bedtime, despite the invasive requests for a campaign, and who should say that " prime maker "is a key part to do; Despite criticism she would want to accept this title. "Return" helps us to & # 39; recognizing Obama's priorities and considering it in terms of sustainable solution for keeping them.

Obama refers to the writer Zora Neale Hurston to " means when she wrote: "I'm lamenting myself when I'm laughing, and again when I look so interesting." That response was Hurston's response to a series of images that Carl Van Vechten gave, the white photographer and supporter Harlem Revived her. Hurston, as Obama, was committed to being in the public and was often criticized for him.

What is the world's biggest signal that Obama could do? "Becoming" – the title only – makes it clear that Obama is always seeing herself in an ongoing situation. Obama is beginning to & # 39; Memorandum by explaining that she has spent her & # 39; Most of her childhood "listening to a sound of struggle." At the end of the reflection, these sounds are in another key. They are not as sure about the need to reinforce each other and more about humanity more and more, as Obama has done. writing, "trying to want each other to be … willing to experience and hear others." This is a & # 39; feeling more urgent than ever before.

The biggest contribution of "Becoming" is the motivation that Obama gives to a & # 39; try out, try to & # 39; Trying to continue, just like the children who gave piano lessons from Michelle's wonderful mothers on her; The first floor of the red brick bungalow where Michelle grew up.


With Michelle Obama

(Crown; 426 pages; $ 32.50)

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