& # 39; Bird & # 39; He did not finish the amount of illness in the book


Box of Birds, Netflix's loudspeaker and massiveness will continue to grow; describes Sandra Bullock and now a fascinating awareness that inspired the wonder Bird box challenge, there is no lack for intense. We keep Bullock's character because the world is covered in an accident when even unidentified causes people who see themselves dead. She and her two children had their own mouth care to live, hoping to get the way to safety.

But it could be much worse. (Lead speakers.) Of course, much, much, much worse. Bird box who have a great end to growing up. The character of Bullock, Malorie and her children, after the entity does not surround them everywhere, get their way to an asylum and an old school for blind people who live in the blind. They will remove their black and white blankets. The beauty surrounding them seems to have been protected by a canopy of plants in the garden courtyard. It is a hard proof to answer more questions than the answers. But in any situation, the reason is that they have reached some peace at the end of one hell of a post-apocalyptic road.

Most Hollywood films are not the main films for killing children, and certainly it would have been the result if Bullock was unsuccessful to save children just like Boy and Girl. So the level of presentation it's not surprising.

It's surprising as the novel on which the Netflix film is based. Mar Hollywood Reporter appearing in the same name Josh Malerman 2014, Malorie and Boy and Girl will be a reaches the sanctuary only to find out that the adults and children there are blind, to make sure that they have the shield from the spirit that is overlapped The world Yes No It's the same thing to do & # 39; going on to a special school for the blind who encounters a beautiful river.

An Bird box film director Susanne Bier explained the option to move from the source in an interview with Polygon:

"The film is a bit more progressive. The film, in many ways, is different from the book, but it is also very well based on the book. The book also has a kind of proof and I did not want to make a apocalyptic film that was not optimistic. In a way, everything I have done has been something positive. I do not have a special interest for the audience to go away, from the cinema or screen itself, with a kind of sight completely. That's not what I believe in. "

Even if it's brutally, Netflix's Bird box certainly making land hope. It's another case at least that's for a better movie.

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