& # 39; Cha b & # 39; him, & # 39; The death of a young man who was killed in a thief in Vila Velha, ES Holy Spirit


It is expected that those who are suspected of being punished and believe that the crime is committed. Dying: "He did not cast him, but he met."

The crime was on Sunday night (25), at line 619 (Itaparica / Ponta da Fruta), about 9pm. Two offenders went into the Vila Velha town and when the bus went through the Riviera da Barra area, they named the robber.

Deivid Jercey, 18, had been sending her & # 39; his carrier when another traveler moved slowly and was shot dead in the coffin.

The Father talks about pain to be murdered by children in public transport, in Vila Velha

The Father talks about pain to be murdered by children in public transport, in Vila Velha

The father, Jeferson Jersey, said the family had not heard the friend from Deivid's friend; bus. He was returning from his sweetheart family.

"I hope that justice will be a part and God can provide comfort to our family. He was a great son. Grieved, hard-working … I do not know how to say it, because I am father and it's hard for us. "

For their father, the shooting finished the dreams of the young person: a driver's license, and # 39; marry her sweetheart and be a police officer.

Deivid Ribeiro Jercey is buried at 2:00 pm, at the church of the Synod of God, in the town of Balne√°rio da Ponta da Fruta.

The funeral will be held at 4:30 p.m. at the Fairy Park Cemetery in Ponta da Fruta.

In social networks, a relative mother of Deivid, who was at the time of the robber, said the crime and said he was "feeling unwell".

"I do not feel that no mother, who sees the girl who is hopeful next to her friend, looks to die, was so awful!" He did not answer and even thrown it in front of it!

The PM said that there was a car on the scene and the young man was lying on the ground beside the back door of his bus.

The two criminals made by the robber were depressing at the time of opening a door; bus to escape with squash.

No one was suspected. The Civil Police stated that its case was scrutinized by the Department of Special Sites and Human Protection (DHPP).

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