& # 39; Chrome 73 & # 39; to support commands from multimedia keychains


San Francisco, 9 February (IANS) The Google Chrome search browser "Chrome 73" reversed with multimedia media on desktop and laptop messaging, media reporting.

Initially the feature started to support "play", "stop", "previous way", "next step", "look back", and "enter the keyboard" as part of "Google Chrome 73" a month, Engadget said Friday.

The multi-media support adds to browser level rather than a level, and so the multimedia buttons would work even when Chrome works in the background or reduced.

"If you are viewing YouTube videos and dragging up another app while the video is played, the stop button will still stop it," the report explained.

The first feature would be available for Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows and the reach of Linux users later this year.

The new add-on would also be delivered by "Media Session API" which allows developers to focus on how their sites and apps interact with multi-media keys .

Chrome a & # 39; The first browser that would provide such support, the report added.


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