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I was worried about batting punishment.

KIM HEROES (29) and Cho Sang-woo (25), arrested by the KBO for recent suspicion of sexual aggression in the oldhousehouse in May last year stopped preventing participation "He said. I did not have any other stops.

He said, however, that he spent 80 hours out of sanctions on social service activities because he was accountable for damaging the KBO honor as a result of calm activity. It is not control but control.

The reason why KBO did not punish an additional hanging and that the control has already been deemed sufficiently enough. After Sosangwoo and Park Dong-won had been blocked for uncertain time, they could not play one game last year.

In addition, the annual salary of the Park Dong-won and Cho Sang-woo last year, won 180 million and won 120 million, but KBO decided that the money was not paid for six months after hanging hung. That is why we have not charged extra fees.

This decision with KBO shows that it does not appear; fully recognizes the importance of the sex culture of the gymnastics field. They took pregnant women on the trip and had a friendship. Although enough to be convicted, despite sexual assault, it is truly revenge.

Although the case of law was settled, a separate disciplinary action was required for Art Article 151. Impairment of deletion of business suspension. Prior to acting as a result of legal disagreement, the act that causes damage to their respect should be considered separately.

It is doubtful that public opinion is covered by the control system of & # 39; 80-social service activity & # 39; in the situation where people's anger about the sexuality of the sporting field is grow.

If you return the two players to the early stage after playing Keumum in disciplinary action, it is clear that you will get a lot after it's done; war. Even if the two games come back, they can not easily find the cold solution of the fans. The time is to talk to moral responsibility for their actions, not when it comes to returning.

Kim Young Seok, reporter [email protected]

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