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  • Jack Poulson, who left Google in September, spoke through her research project in China, about the company's secret culture.
  • He said that managers have more steer-to-face control than anything else.
  • Poulson said he was an engineer describing "assistants" at a handy meeting, for example, of the opinion of " burn.
  • Careful court documents and staff have given a picture of the long distance that Google is going to secretly defend.

Google's senior staff has overwhelmed his controversial plans to launch a search engine in China painting a picture of a company that the superintendents have to do; Feeling to stop reducing, so that there is nothing else.

Jack Poulson, who was a researcher at the company, said senior managers consider stopping it down as "one priority of one."

In the comments on Saturday with The Times of London, Poulson was named as an example of the culture against its abstraction and an old unidentified engineer; Bringing a microphone at a handy meeting to go to # 39; Convener "F-assistants" at his colleagues.

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He said that the anti-burning campaign was a way of Google to address the causes of staff; burn in the first place, including concerns about a Chinese research project, named Dragonfly code, or working for US military.

Poulson left Google in September over Dragonfly, and said he was convinced that four other workers had been doing the same. Google refused to comment on how he was going away at the time.

He said, according to The Times: "The statement is that it is badly damaged and that there is no one stop priority for any reduction."

Poulson said that Google was not alone in trying to defeat the rebuilding of staff, identifying similar movements at Microsoft and Amazon. He said he was "not going to be a short battle between the staff and the backbone operators."

Business Insider has previously commented on Google 's huge demoral culture.

A criminal case against the company in late 2016 found that staff had to be able to; sign a secret agreement that even impedes them to talk to a lawyer about what's going on; going on at Google.

He describes an inside program, called "stopleaks", and says that staff are encouraged to report on their own leaks, and those with are co-workers.

"Stopleaks" was again referred to in an internal email published in May 2017 as part of the same lawsuit, this time in an e-mail from the head of a research unit within Google .

In September this year, Business Insider stated that Google was confirming it to still protect additional security, and # 39; hanging down on access to her daily meeting, known as TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) for non-physically-skilled staff; Chief Silicone Valley Convener.

He came after a video of staff who lamented the selection of Donald Trump going down to the Breitbart website on the right, Political allegations claim that the search engine is biased.

Business Insider has contacted Google to comment on Poulson's comments.

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