& # 39; I want to be a sign in & # 39; building an environment where women are not suffering from harassment or violence, and repeat Velázquez de León's excuse to Patty López


In DNA 40, the journalist Gerardo Velázquez de León added the driver Patty López de la Cerda, after commenting on his features, when he was off the air.

A description of whatand made a grave mistake in a judge and express himself in a sad way about his companion, on whom he offered, again an excuse to López de la Cerda.

"I express my deepest deepness and an extraordinary excuse," he said.

Velázquez de León sHe indicated that he was not an apology or justice, he has said his ideas out of the air.

"We have used it badly, I introduce myself to protect women according to their physical or coherent features, or for the pictures they display , today I am clear, we have to correct ", he said.

The journalist He also promised all the women who do not make a mistake again.How he did in the past.

"I want to be a friend in building a journalist environment, work and peers where women are not suffering from harassment or violence", he stressed him.

Velázquez de León also invited to abolish sex violence and closing gaps between men and women.

Thanks thank Lopez de la Cerda

Return to video of Velázquez de León, Patty Lopez thanked her for her excuse and also ADN40 for the purpose of eliminating violence against women, in any of its forms.

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