& # 39; If we want to cut numbers, then cut the service & # 39; – The City Council's Chief Executive defends homeless ideas


Update: Dublin City Council's Chief Executive, Owen Keegan, has defended his ideas at the weekend when he said that homeless people would fall homeless services cut, Vivienne Clarke writesSouth Westerly

He told the Today with Sean O & Rourke show that the Dublin Rural District Government (DRHE) operates a "very open system" and that one of the prices that pays for "poor response" ; there are services such as "magnet" for people.

He said: "I was trying to make a point if we were very much for cutting numbers, then cutting the service. I'm really unhappy with the numbers."

Mr Keegan said that he was a humorous idea because & # 39; there are urban areas in the US where they are "dealing with" the homeless problem by breaking it down the law and then Moving people outside their home boundaries.

The numbers of homeless people in Dublin are not indirectly like that, he said: "People have choices that they had never had before."

He wanted to recognize the work of the DRHE and had been trying to explain why Aerial figures are "so high".

"The truth is that, if we make better services available, people are happy to get in."

Mr Keegan explained that, since services are better, people who would have been living with the family or parents in current tight situations would have a " appear as homeless people in trying to get to permanent social housing.

He said: "There are issues where people are living down (under the HAP scheme). People who choose to wait in temporary housing while offering a social housing supply lasting. "

He also stated that many people have a number of complex problems in homeless services and should be assisted elsewhere. Those are the people, who said, "they will not go ahead". They are unable to live independently, he said.

"Homeless services are not the place for people with complex needs, but services that offer services are very overwhelming services. They are not the best option for them."

Mr Keegan said he was very confident that Dublin City Council will set the target figures set by the Central Government for social housing, but the problem will not be resolved so that private buildings grow bigger.

He said: "We are not in a position to meet the needs of housing needs. We depend on important revival."

It is expected that 1,500 social housing units will be completed by Dublin City Council in the next two or three years. Achievement of targets will be achieved through a mixture of direct properties, reviews, and HAP.

He said he would see a "big increase" in the HAP system that was a way of bringing people into permanent tenancies.

Earlier: the head of Dublin City Council encouraged to include his / her; complaint for comments that were suffer seriously & # 39;

Dublin City Council CEO Owen Keegan was asked to "apologize for an application for homeless" attractive choice "services.

Talk to & # 39; Business Post Sunday, he said that huge investment in homeless services had been encouraging some people to move on.

Head of Dublin City Council Owen Keegan.

Mr Keegan said: "Every year we have added 200-300 beds, they are a lot of higher places, but one of the paradoxical problems there is that people are willing to move forward, they are almost permanent.

"This is not a question of human rights, but Dublin has a prime objective for people who are homeless because there is a wide range of service provision."

Sinn Fein TD Eoin O Broin agrees with his comments, saying: "The reason why these families are homeless due to the failure of the State to ensure that adequate housing supply is affordable, not due to the behavior of their families.

"So, whether or not it was, I think he has been causing a lot of disturbance to those families and that he should give the ideas back and complain. "

Focus Ireland's Development, Communications and Research Director, Mike Allen has made a strong dispute with his views.

Mr Allen said: "There is no one who has a homeless growth that puts themselves into that difficult type but enjoying the extraordinary resources that are & # 39; it offers, and it is clear that it is causing people to worry about hearing that.

"He also said that people live in a homeless place, people who work for the Focus of Ireland over the years have never come to anyone who wants to stay in an emergency residence. "

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