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Just a few minutes into the third time, shortly after Joel Lundqvist 6-1 made for Frölunda, who asked the team captain to attack Jens Olsson from Malmö.

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Malmöbacken stopped and he stopped attacking the puck – but Lundqvist appeared and won the high Malmö player.

The referee thought that the same thing as the 37-year-old was like, that could go around the malmöbusen Emil Sylvegård after that, was unhappy.

"I don't think it's a punishment," said the captain to the doctor after the game.

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The end of the game became a tired story. On the final signal, a wild fight around Johan Johansson broke in Frölund's goal.

Sebastian Stålberg and Marcus Björk smoke together at Malmö, who followed each sentence – a penalty given for naming Malmö player Emil Sylvegård.

However, the three submitted no other claims – unlike Joel Lundqvist.

"You could avoid it"

The morning after Frölunda's influence from 7–2 announce Lundqvist will be presented to the Disciplinary Committee. The drawing room is called for assessment to have Lundqvist moved and found Olsson the fee.

"Maybe the way to stop could be avoided if Lundqvist after the vote instead, he says, among other things, in the information. T

Decisions about decisions will be made during the day. Then the answer will be whether Frölunda can get in with his captain in forthcoming matches / players.

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"Three minutes to the third time this meeting between Frölunda and Malmö, puck from the guest's game went to Malmö Jens Olsson and player Frolundas Joel Lundqvist toa pullet, which goes past the two players. Lundqvist applied for Olsson's equipment to reduce them.

Then Lundqvist then moved to the right to attack Olsson, a machine that sent out the chin on a Malmö player only. On the way to this journey, a trip could be avoided if Lundqvist was not pursued after his pocket.

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