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After decades of the failure of the New Zealanders – especially Māori – our health system needs "great redesignation", said Dr. Lance O & Sullivan today and his compares the recent Government response to fatal meningococcal breach to "plastics over rich gaps of wounded life".

Older New Year of the Year spoke with 1 NEWS after "raging" on Facebook about the three who died in the North of Scotland recently due to the breakdown – and the Government yesterday launch a focused response in the department.

One of Ailig Albert's victims, who died in July, was just one day after her seventh birthday. The health officers were first informed that it was possible to start in May.

"I'm getting out to see another NZ child in the NZ that dies from a health system," said Dr O & Sullivan in her & # 39; beautiful ideas, which he said he did not write long as he listened to Bob Marley.

"Access to appropriate clinical care is a big deal.

"… I'm sorry to be a doctor in such a system but I can not wait until the people control their own health!"

Talk to 1 NEWS later, Dr. O & Sullivan stress he did not; make a political statement or try to crush her & # 39; The Labor Party.

"I do not say that one government is worse than the others. They are both as bad as each other," he said. "Inappropriateness and ineffectiveness and incapacity are to tackle health inequality, despite all waulking.

"And, amazingly, people like I'm sick of it."

Radical change – does not "slip around the edge of the current health system with modifications" – what's needed, he said.

"We need to clean this slate and look at something completely different," he said. "We need to look at this health system after changing, because most people do not work.

"Even more importantly, for my people it does not work at all."

Jacinda Ardern says MenW's illness has reached a breakdown rate in the North of the country where three men have died this year.

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He said that the Government has announced yesterday that he will receive a package of 20,000 MenW vaccines in the coming weeks to be freely distributed to children in the North of the country as "responding nonsily to their knees which has been running for decades ".

To date this year, 29 people have retained the new meningococcal disease in New Zealand, which includes seven in the north.

"There is a strong international demand for the fast, Menw vaccine," said Dr. David Clark's Health Minister yesterday. "Pharmac and the Ministry of Health have done well to find 20,000 doses."

Dr O & Sullivan replied: "I'm not encouraged."

An infectious disease expert, Dr Emma Best, speaks to a Bistle about the features and how to do an activity.
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"I know we can not have a perfect system, but when one of us is so cruel, and the general guides are general, I just think we need something different do it, "he said. "So, this is a crisis, and not just brain disease in the north of the argument … I'm sick with the statement. Change things. Do not talk about it. Action, not words."

One major case with the system as it is now, Dr O & Sullivan said today's a media post, that he is incapable doctors in the areas.

"Māori who lives in Hokianga is more likely to have their child with obvious signs of severe rheumatic fever on the door of the barn that leaves some doctor from a doctor to -where on a three-month vacation from the rich European countries, "he said, naming other issues of abuse involving children in Rotorua and Whanganui.

"A great flood of change comes and in a biblical way it's going to clean the ones that stand the best way of health and at the end of a mana to the people, "he wrote. "And now I'm doing BIG f *** in reindance !!"

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