& # 39; Rocky, & # 39; Legally Blonde & # 39; And More Now Stream for Free on YouTube


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There have been good news stories in the last two days, following some impressive news. One of these is: you can now look Rocky on YouTube with little difficulty.

The site, home of billions of hours of cat videos, as well as illegal and illegal bootleg films, has begun to allow full-known films to be broadcast for free, with Advertisements made all over the world. These news was not tired, which came quietly in the past months and places like this are only reported DateSouth-East But enough to say that you can now watch the first five Rocky films, Legally Blonde, and The Terminator on the site while it's & # 39; suffering through very little commercial.

There is no word on what other movies are coming, or the YouTube videos that have cut cuts. There is not even a complete list of the films available, which also includes a Kevin James car The Zookeeper and Frankie Muniz's spy comedy Cody Banks ExecutiveSouth Westerly

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