& # 39; Sgeul-sgeul de Zelda & # 39; Fans think it's time; to Promote Anime


Zelda story he has been rough to survive. The license was hosting a television series that is not known before it has been done, but Nintendo has kept the interesting title from each television from that. However, if you ask fans, it's time that the other swing title will only take anime this time.

Over Twitter, a group of fans has begun to push for a Zelda story anime That voice rises even higher when Nintendo has revived Tie the awakening coming to the Nintendo Switch, and fans do not have to. go away calmly.

As you can see below, a photo assistant photographed previously Zelda story film livers with the new reel listing the reintroduction of Nintedo. The images were set by side, showing fans what might look like anime. So it's easy to find out why fans jump aboard with the tweet.

"Put it on Netflix and there are a team of writers as well as the ones Castlevania writers, and we got a series, "a man called Haywire Jordan built by Brian Johnson as well in their own notes.

"In addition … we have that Zelda manga, which also certifies another point Zelda make anime very good! "

In the end, followers have been taken forward Zelda story anime Some have tried to give permission Dragon Ball revitalizing the classical art style of Akira Toriyama. Others have been feeling that the Nintendo title is a n; Continuing more into Hayao Miyazaki's generous wild style, and there are some who have created a full viral shortage that shows how well it is; is the Zelda story which would suit your anime lover everywhere.

Where such a series could go, there are fans on the fence. A number of Outdoor Manga subtitles are based on Connection cultures that are mature for change. However, there are plenty of fans who have. Participate with the future story found The Fight of the Wild Many want to learn more about the connection history of Hyrule.

"I think I'd like to see something as it was set up BoTW a time where Zelda is preparing for a & # 39; Return Canon and Connection that accompanies her while & # 39; She travels around Hyrule and her challenges by going to her. trying to solve its powers and such a solution; Winning of his prize, "a man named Jacob Bloomfield praisedSouth Westerly

For now, there are no plans to expand it Zelda story with anime, but other video game titles are going to the screen. Netflix is ​​running a series of anime programs for Castlevania in addition to May May CryThe next subtitles such as Doom and Unclaimed Hollywood studio has also been caring.

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