& # 39; Sùil dhubh & # 39; for Apple: face FaceTime will shake faith in iPhone Technology security


It was a bundle of the consonant that was in a position; enforcing the wild message to come true: the amazing iPhones that came to come are coming; join the users to work, bed and even the toilet suddenly to switch to spiritual device, and transmit audio and video to anyone phone number or email.

"This is the funny situation," said Marcus Carey, a cybersecurity expert and author Tribe of Hackers. "It's causing privacy concerns because this is the only situation that most people fear from the US government and other arrangements."

The bankruptcy, published on Monday, had heard a hearing (and, under certain circumstances, a video) to a convener who, despite the person who received it not to accept a & # 39; cited. It was encouraged when the third-party convener sent the FaceTime call. Although Apple is still giving up a software pattern, its company has had a conversation on a group conversation on FaceTime, and # 39; preventing users from making more use of the breach.

But FaceTime's main concern is to raise concerns about Apple's security practices just as the company reports that financial results are disappointing. And he says that a teenager and his mother spent days trying to get Apple informed of the problem as well as raising questions about how to work. company for reports on poor poverty.

Michele Thompson, an Arizona advocate, confirmed by her Wall Street Journal, started her & spreading her break on Facebook and Twitter on January 20 – eight days before Apple acted.

"My son just got a big hit in Apple's new iOS, which allows you to hear someone else near the iPhone or iPad," wrote Thompson on Facebook. "We put the report into Apple and we are waiting to hear it again. We will not pass the information because it is a major security threat, but it is not inconceivable that the This 14-year-old man will prove this. "

Thomson made several attempts to inform Apple for the problem, initially through social media and later through the service of the company's consumer service, according to the Journal. Eventually, she has long been registered as a developer to submit a report through Apple's blockdown program.

Katie Moussouris, the founder of the Microsoft deprivation program and the CEO of Luta Security, said the problem for Apple did not work quickly enough to destroy it, but did not continue to & # 39; Thompson expects how fast & # 39; he can cover it.

"It's better not to hit," said Moussouris. "You need to do deep surveys or you can have a negative effect. You do not want people to display a screen that does not have a validation or a & # 39 ; breaking other things. "

For Apple, the best case situation can be & # 39; arguing that the secret danger of testing and preparation was tested, Moussouris explained, a process that could take 30 to 60 days reasonably.

"You need to make this balance between detail and time, and in this situation there was an understanding that is easy to understand, and has lost opportunities for a position," she said.

A phone should be able to insert audio before the person finds it unhappy to the person, but FaceTime may have been designed so for a reason, according to someone who built a similar system.

Luke Ma, producer director of the BlueJeans Network video conferencing company, explained that software such as FaceTime would start audio and video connections as soon as the call is made, and then crash until acceptance of the & # 39; cited.

"To accelerate the speed of its attachment, your connection is fully connected as quickly as possible and that the call & answer is to Everything, "said Ma.

No, how Dr Jonathan Hill, who does computer science and information systems at Pace University, send it, your phone can not send audio before answering "it's not a break. It's a feature . "

It was probably "logical error", but Dr Lukasz Olejnik, an independent researcher of cybersecurity and privacy, said.

"Logic errors make behavior systems in unexpected ways," he explained, and maybe it is the result of a survival. "Apple is one of Apple's best security and privacy teams in the world. This case shows how difficult security and privacy are in action."

Carey said he was a "black eye" in a & # 39; FaceTime results for a company that is truly strong reputation for security and privacy.

"They have to be completely uncertain about how this damage happened, and when it was introduced," said Carey. "They need to let out what they can check on if it is used, and they should contact customers."

Apple did not answer several questions from the Guardian asking for additional information about the break.

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