& # 39; They will not be & # 39; believe enough in their own ideas


The singer Barbra Streisand has repeatedly with her attacks for President Donald Trump. This time, however, she has been voting for a woman's divorce for her.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Streisand spoke about her new album, "Walls," which is the protest against Trump – length & # 39; It also attacks the women to vote for it.

"I love my country and it's difficult to attack democracy, attack centers and women are in the attack," said Streisand about "being badly moved" when she was making her new album.

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The famous Hollywood woman went over to vote for bash women for Trump because they did not believe "enough of their own thoughts" to vote against their men.

"Many women will vote as their husband voted; they do not believe enough in their own ideas," said Streisand. "That woman, who is so important, so familiar and fit for the leadership of the church may be frightened."

Streisand said that the candidate's democratic president Hillary Clinton could "make women feel unsatisfactory," said Trump was winning the "devastating" election. and that she was "broken heart".

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During the interview, Streisand said she has had a diet and she has been sent to her. Trump blamed some of her eating habits.

"This president made me terribly and hungry for pancakes," she said. "Pancakes, and I need to put butter on them and maple syrup to help them get pain."

She had previously been talking about Trump and pancakes in an interview with the New York Times, in which she said he was "giving me cars".

"I've heard what he says now, and I need to eat pancakes now, and pancakes are pretty scarce," said Streisand at the time.

Streisand's attack failed to vote for women for Trump with some of them:

"[Trump] like Humpty Dumpty, fat egg, sitting on a wall, and one day he's missing on her; wall. And cracking, "said Streisand before the president.

The singer also told the Daily Mail that she is not trying to go into politics because she is "not quite good" – she just goes to her; holds her president and voters.

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