& # 39; Who is who? explains nature & nature, says the future Minister for Education North and Northwest


Government Minister of Education Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, in the future, states that "which explains nature's nature," is in a & # 39; Confirming the purpose of agreeing with his / her gender opinion in the classroom.

Rodríguez spoke to the papers for her first time in the evening on Monday (26), at a ceremony in honor of her, at the private university in Londrina, north of Parana, where he works. He lives in the & # 39; home with his family.

For a future minister, the sex debate is something abusive.

"Look, I do not agree for a simple reason: who describes natural species, is the individual, and so the debate on sex education appears to be something reasonable, a bit general , "he said.

He mentioned the example of Canada, where he visited relatives in July. He said that the country agreed sex education through federal law, but the autonomous regions began to; talk about the topic locally and some of them, where the government is conservative, and # 39; abolish the law.

"So I believe that when consulting people where they live, see the individual, the business sex education that comes from from the roof down, in a straightforward way and does not respect the individuals. What is the identity of self-identifying? Sexuality. so if I fight with an individual, I will be sexually active and I want to organize society with an order, I'm not good. I'm a & # 39; think it's a target goal, "he said.

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In the "Un-party school" bill, Rodriguez explained why he does not agree with the classroom.

"I think the student is not well educated, in the early years, basic education, in particular, must be taught fundamentally to integrate their community, in their country, which is a cross-country country. The boy is not a political party, the young people have a citizen awareness, "he said.

The future minister said he was present at the Forces Chamber session, when he went to speak to Bolsonaro, where the bill was debated, and said that the debate was very open.

"I think that a very open debate is going on and there are ways to manage this. I do not believe that a & # 39; breaking out the rights of people, "he said.

With regard to the National Inspection of Secondary Education (Enem), Rodíguez said that the test should be prepared by being released, because it is a vehicle to spread some ideological or teaching.

"It needs to be a test that really reviews their knowledge, and does not allow the student to take a special place for fear of behavior & # 39; Stick. Many students tell me: Teacher, I try to answer correctly, I do not want to & stick; & # 39; because I'm trying to answer what I'm expecting the questionnaires, I answer, "he said.

Ask if the evidence would be done through a script; chairman, he replied, if Bolsonaro wants, no one will stop.

"If the president is interested, right? No one will stop it. Very good that our president is interested in the quality of our evidence," he said.

In the future of a future minister, universities need to improve management, with personal effectiveness and outcomes.

"I think the public university needs to remain in the population. But with effective management, regulation in which the subscribers see that what is paid is paid . And a public university structure is four, five times more expensive than a private university. We need to give this to the electors who the person who funds, "he said.

Priorities in the Ministry of Education

According to Rodriguez, it will be a prime priority for the Ministry of Education to think about people.

"For me, the basic value is to serve people. So, I will try to emphasize the people, the student in the classroom, the teachers who & # 39; feeling in the face of the violence in the room, this must be considered, "he said.

Rodríguez considers that much to be done for education, in particular to improve the teaching situation in urban schools.

"This is where a sense of citizenship is created, education for citizenship, and whereby one can start the quality of our teaching. I think we need to give our eyes to the citizen, the student, to the person, the person, with their differences, their concerns, "he said.

The future Minister of Education believes that universities are held to serve them; "Marxist" instruction, and that "the opening of their mind and spirit is essential so that there is an understanding of other educational and educational methods."

Rodríguez asked about his experience in military colleges, evaluating much control and effectiveness.

"The military colleges, today, are represented for Brazil, the best in terms of quality, demand, control. It is interesting to visit a military college, we are surprised as a teacher , "he said.

He said he thinks Bolsonaro has a big idea when he puts military colleges for example for a civil society.

"It's not for them to come to the military college, no. But to see that you are capable of being effective, have control, not to give life happiness. I always want to We value Army Staff College and Army Survey Center because in any control we have evaluated at the end. And it allows you to see and correct your errors. I & Thinking it's amazing, we need to grow just with this module of disciplinary teaching, "he said.

The future minister also wanted to leave secondary students ready for their job market.

"Everyone is not called to university. He is foolish to believe that the universism is democratized (…) Not everyone deserves a university. I think a high school would aim at the student to show that he can implement this knowledge and earn money from it, because consumers can earn money without the university, "he said.

Future Minister for Education

Rodríguez was appointed as Minister of Education with the president who chose last Thursday (22). He was born in Colombia and gave birth to Brazilian in 1997, the author is the future minister of more than 30 works and is currently a professor of General Staffing School the Army.

Rodríguez has a masters degree in Brazil's view of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ); a doctor in Luso-Brazilian thinking about Universidade Gama Filho; and a post office post by Raymond Aron Center for Policy Research.

In a letter that was released on Friday, Rodríguez said that his / her / her / her / trying to preserve "abusive values ​​for the society of Brazil", which, accordingly, is "conservative."

Reasons for the last governments of the country, Rodriguez said he opposed "discrimination of any kind" and reinforced in the last years that the "educational instrument of education" put the debate on his / her; subject.

The "ideologization" of education has already been criticized by Rodríguez in text published in early November.

At that time, he wrote that his / her organization is responsible for a & # 39; The implementation of National High School (Enem) Examination "recognizes the evidence" as instruments of ideologization that are more meaningful to train young people in the education system. "

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