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Fèidh. [중앙포토]

Fèidh. [중앙포토]

Infected crude disease (CWD), called zombie deer disease and deer deer cow disease, is found throughout the United States. Although this disease has not yet been triggered by people, some experts have warned that people's disease should be taken into account.

According to the Center for Control and Disease Change (CDC), CWD has spread to 24 US states and two Canadian areas. The prevalence of disease in the area was 10% in general and in some areas it was more than 25%.

CWD is a disease in deer such as deer, barley and geese. It was first discovered in 1967 in a wild deer at a wildlife asylum in northern Colorado, USA. As with pest disease, it is caused by a modified protein prion, causing damage to the strange system and causing death. Deer that this disease affects its & # 39; their coordination to maintain balance, causing unusual behaviors such as head loss, loss of stress and paralysis. Later on, it is "a zombie deer disease" because it is a " smell like bare meat. It usually lasts 18 to 30 months, but it takes 10 years to get clear signs.

Some scientists said that CWD had not been converted to humans so far, but prion can not be able to output it; human illness potential because it has taken a long time. There is a growing concern that mussels with a short arm are at least; Using CWD's meat in Canada and uncommon suffering. "CWD's risk to the human body is very low," said the CDC. "Do not eat meat with disease for prevention measures."

Kim Ji-hye, reporter [email protected]

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