4 features that make the Xiaomi My 9 special!


Prior to the official announcement of Xiaomi Mi 9, Lei Jun, Lin Bin and other senior Xiaomi operators appeared the most important features of the mobile phone at the weekend. So far, its company has confirmed its & # 39; spare, forward, & # 39; camera, fingerprint awareness, bees and price

Gorilla Garden 6

The mobile phones will use 90.7% of the AMOLED Samsung screen, 103.8% NTSC color gamut, 600nits brightness and five generations generation sensation. According to the latest news from Jun Lei, the screen is covered by Gorilla Glass 6, this is the most recent and most consistent version of Corning, and also the most expensive. Lei Jun says that the protection performance falls 50% higher than the fifth generation of protection glass. Corning's exhausting test results have shown that the mobile phone has a capacity of up to 15 inches of 1 meter high on rough surface.

Turbo game

Lei Jun told us also that the Game Turbo activity was added to the device to make full use of the powerful performance of Snapdragon 855. The feature understands when the owner is & # 39; play games and installing system resources for better performance. Lei Jun said Xiaomi, Wang Teng's goods manager, plays games and says Xiaomi Mi 9 is the strongest one at the moment. With this feature, gamers are able to use Mi 9 to enjoy high-tech games. The phones also have an effective refrigeration system to ensure that telephones are not overcharged – but we do not have any other information about it.


The Xiaomi Chief Executive was talking about the sound of the mobile phone. He said that the Xiaomi Mi 9 is fitted with 12 × 17 high quality speakers. The 12 × 17 speaker is one of the largest mobile speakers and all good material. The sound room is designed to have a 0.9cc allowance. With this image, the tension is better.

His company used a new system to cool the upper room so that the temperature did not affect the sound length & The MiSound work was used to professional coordination and control the owners' preferences. Xiaomi Chief Executive says that I'm 9 and is using British DSM test Just for a 100% increase.

Quick cutting

Finally, depending on how the image is reduced on its & # 39; boxing box, smartphone phones offer 20-W fast wire cutting, higher than 15W speedless and low-priced fee; using Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The money was determined by TUV Rheinland, the only instrument confirmed by Mate 20 Pro.
With regard to rubbing, a new Xiaomi machine has been 3C and TENAA certificates and it's almost certainly certain that Mi Mi is there. B & # 39; It is the charger account for the 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 2.25A digital phone, ie 27W highest.

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