4 members of the Francophonie Games Committees will be able to " controversy


Four members of the board members of the 2021 Francophonie Games organizing committee said they were cleared off on Wednesday afternoon, announcing "bad controversy" in the planning of games.

The CIC News learned last Thursday that the cost of games hosted at Moncton-Dieppe had subscribed more than seven times – from a $ 17.5 million offer back in July 2015 to an application now for $ 130 million.

The detailed costs of the promotion costs are not provided.

The elections were cited as regional and federal politicians who were converted into the media in terms of funding for the games – thus the Brunswick government would have to "take over responsibility," said Ottawa.

Organizers have stated that the original application was based on the number given in the bookmark of the International Francophonie Group, and no detailed business plan had been developed until New Brunswick received the application to keep the games.

"In the last few days, media reports and public emigration reports about the proposed business plan for 2021 games on what we believe is unbelievable and unbelievable. sure about planning and delivering Jeux of the coming Francophonie, "reading the news.

"This is a problem of removing the true tale – the wonderful benefits and opportunities that these games bring to our area."

President Eric Mathieu Doucet said he had resigned his position Wednesday. (Shane Magee / CBC)

Eric Mathieu Doucet, head of the board, has a & # 39; retiring, along with members of Mirelle Cyr, Eric Cormier and Kim Rayworth.

Linda Schofield, Linda Schofield, has learned that Radio-Canada has assisted her head teacher, ask her to retire earlier this day, quoting personal reasons.

The board consists of 11 members – five elected by a division, four by a federal government, one with the towns of Moncton and Dieppe.

The five were their post of electors by the New Brunswick division in November 2017.

Members who needed to say they were saying that they were in a position; believe that their public confidence did not have a & # 39; continue to continue.

"We hope these posts will allow the partners to return to their talk boards in healthier media and political weather," they said.

Feds say continental use & responsibility;

The federal government was on Wednesday's effort, saying that New Brunswick had to take responsibility for the games.

It's coming after the First Blain Higgs again says that the continent would not paying more than the previous government had promised, despite the increase costs.

"The government of the region does not appear to be $ 10 million," said Dominic LeBlanc's Inter-Government Minister in Ottawa.

"So we'll put $ 10 million on top – that will take us to $ 20 million. I understand that much less than what is needed.

Dominic LeBlanc's Inter-Government Minister said the government had to take responsibility for & # 39; for the cost of increasing the Francophonie Games. (Radio-Canada)

"If the regional government, submitting the application into hosting the Francophonie Games, accepts its responsibility and expanding its contribution, is obvious we will add to the federal grant as a result. "

Federal policy is limited to 50 per cent of Ottawa's contribution to international sporting events, and LeBlanc has said several times that the government will do so; to follow.

His office confirmed to CBC News on Wednesday that an independent expert returned to review the demand for funding of less than $ 130 million to play on the games, but not copy of the report and the number was not distributed.

This expert sent the report to the government in September, just days before the regional elections.

& # 39; Cha d & # 39; I got here through anything of m & # 39;

Higgs would be back again on Wednesday that his divide was not included more than $ 10 million but it was not as clear as to what happened if he did not; The costs can be reduced enough.

"It's not my plug," said Higgs to reporters. "He did not get it here by anything with me.

"We are aware that their commitment has been made, and we said that we will respect our commitment.

"I think there is an opportunity here, in terms of federal government – it should not be a regional issue. I think it could move from one department to another, but I It should be a national event to do this. "

Moncton and Dieppe have contributed to a donation of $ 750,000, and one third of the cost of legacy projects, which includes the refurbishment of tennis courts, Centennial Park, is changing the sporting range of CN Sportsplex to feel, and to The construction of two new pockets in Dieppe – combined with approximately $ 10 million.

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