4 mental exercises that scientists suggest to help you to; choose healthy eating


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Simple methods of brain training may change your eating habits.

Here are some easy-to-use learning tips that help you to make healthier eating choices.

Overcoming the dangerous and growing problem: around the world, bigger than 1.9 billion adults are too heavy and obesity has tripled in the world since 1975, according to the World Health Organization.

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But researchers at Yale University in the United States say that changing our thoughts on food can improve our numbers and help us to stress for us.

We will tell you four methods that were sent to test and how effective they found them.

1. Before eating, negatively think about unhealthy food

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Can you make yourself more likely to want healthy eating?

In the study, people were asked to look at some food for just six seconds, but during that time They focus on the negative side of the food.

It's not just how unhealthy & # 39; There was food but also in anything else they did not like, and & nbsp; including his taste or clothing.

When those people then re-evaluated their hospitality, they had reduced by 20% compared to a group of people who did not exercise this exercise.

Passion reduction can be important, because studies have found that the desire to eat unhealthy foods Understand eating habits and stress of the people.

2. Before eating, think about healthy food

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Healthy food was more attractive after exams.

The next thing he was scientists; in trying to turn the test and # 39; ask people to spend the same time think about healthy eating.

This also had a huge impact, from the people's joy for these food types they noticed 14%.

So, short-term focus can be more likely to eat food that is good for you.

3. Train the brain in advance to avoid unhealthy foods

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Can you prepare too much time to make healthier eating choices?

Scientists at Yale University also analyzed whether it is possible prepare in advance to make better decisions.

They asked the volunteers etruthin terms of the adverse effects of food waste and then spent 15 minutes to think about the cumulative effects of her; of unhealthy foods.

This included being & # 39; Look at pictures of unhealthy food as long as they were. Think about the negative causes they would eat

Later on, when asked to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods, they were 7.6% more likely to select the best option.

4. Guide your brain in advance to ask for healthy eating

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People were getting less calories after training the brain.

Again, the researchers tried to repeat the test to see if people were more likely to choose healthy ones.

Read the volunteers about the benefits of healthy eating and they saw pictures, and reflect on these positive effects.

This also had an impact, since people were getting 5.4% more likely to choose healthy foods later

Small changes that rise up

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It is difficult to rely on exercising.

Perhaps the numbers are percentages, but when the people who participated in the training chose their food, they were involved in an average of 107 caloriesos.

An average person needed to run for 10 minutes to burn the same type of energy.

Hedy Kober, Yale's leading author and professor related to psychology and psychology, said: "This is just as well as those who have. Many current treatments for fighting obesity, but can be found after a short training ".

"Even though you make a good decision on the day, so many girls can lose," said Kober.

Using a regular biat, around it 70% of people lose their weight loss in three or five years.

Therefore, any such new approach, which can help gradually reduce calories, can be valuable.

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