4 mobile shots China shining on moon: A & # 39; the first place


A Chinese peaceful rover has fallen on the dark side of the moon today, in a world that Beijing's high-level plans will learn to be a high power in the area.

The Chang & E-4 study began at 1:26 f. AEDT and put a picture on the far side of the moon to the Queqiao satellite of the country, which will communicate to Earth rulers, CCTV, a state broadcaster.

China Xinhua News is one of the first English-language sites to break news on Twitter, Share images of moon moon to 11.8 million Twitter fans.

The website built that the Chang-e 4 landed "177.6 east end and 45.5 degrees south of latitude across the moon".

Another Chinese bigger news with English, Chinese Daily, also newsed 3.2 million fans.

Beijing bills billions of dollars into the room program; He was involved in military, with the hopes of a station to establish a full staffing capacity by 2022.

The government also hopes people will be entering the last moon.

The Chang-e-4 shirt test – named after a moon diary in Chinese mythology – was launched last month from the Xichang southwest surgeon in China.

The second Chinese survey is on land on the # 39; moon, followed by the Yutu (Jade Rabbit) mission in 2013.

Unlike the near side of the moon that always faces the ground and offers a lot of flat places to do it; going down, the far side is fierce and rough.

Chang & # 39; e-4 certifies six tests from China and four from abroad, including science studies on low-speed radio – aiming to take advantage of the lack of barrier on the other side.

The rover also produces mineral and radiation tests, said the Chinese National Space Administration according to a state journalist.

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